An American Four Day Weekend

Otherwise known as Thanksgiving.  We were having beef for dinner on Thursday, eschewing the popular turkey as that’s what we have for Christmas.  We were going to have an early dinner, a lunch really, but we woke up to temperatures 19F higher than normal, blue sky and sunshine, so we hit the park for a wonderful long walk instead.






Back on the home front we had ourselves a modest Thanksgiving dinner…… the beef, roasted to perfection, served with roast potatoes, roast parsnips, cabbage, carrots, green beans, cauliflower and creamed leeks!  And the red wine and thyme gravy on the side.  Plus of course, the pie.  Pecan in this house.  Homemade.




I made a couple of individual ones this year, along with the larger one.  Like the dinner, just enough for two!

As it turned out, we were very thankful indeed for that lovely warm, sunny day, as we woke to this 0n Friday morning…



And worse, this on Sunday morning…



But in between, we managed to put all of the Christmas lights on the front and back of the house and take down all the inside fall decorations and have a good clean and tidy up.  On Saturday we ventured out to the shops for a few things, not busy at all as I did a lot of online shopping on Black Friday!  Won’t catch me getting up at 5am to wait in line, no siree!  We also came back home with a Christmas tree, so that’s now sitting in the nook, in it’s stand, waiting for inspiration to strike.

And I thought if we’re in for a penny then we might as well be in for a pound (or dollar, substitute as necessary!) and go the whole hog…



But I suppose you were probably expecting that!

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9 thoughts on “An American Four Day Weekend

  1. That was an enjoyable weekend with you, Brenda! Smart of you two to strike while the iron’s hot and get that walk in!! Mother Nature seems more quickly changeable than ever this year. Happy decorating ~ my house looks the same right now and I must get back to it in spite of feeling like the bottom of someone’s shoe with this nasty throat. It pales in comparison to the hives I’ll get if I leave the project half-done another day!

  2. Looks like you made the right choice to go for a hike. Brenda!! Is this what you call a modest dinner? What kind of roast did you cook and at what temp for how long. Did you roast your veggies with the beef. I am all ears!!! It sounds like a wonderful dinner and I just know you are one excellent cook!!!!

  3. Yummy roast – still remember your Northern roots I’m pleased to hear! Gorgeous photos Brenda – and you caught me with that last photo – I was all excited and thought the tree would be there in its full glory, lights a’flashin’ and baubles swingin’ :(

    Hugs, Di xx

  4. Good for you both to get out for your long walk. I am so looking forward to that again. DH and I used to walk for an hour after dinner. We would plan our next day, exchange any info needed to be shared and then quicken our pace with him soon outwalking me! He would eventually walk back to join me though.
    I am now up to 30 min walking with the blasted poles and about 10 without…slowly but surely!

    Your meal sounds wonderful. i like my cauliflower and my parsnips and carrots roasted as well.

    Lots of great wool bargains. i am envious of your knitting skills!

  5. Hello my darling

    I am so behind this week with everything – but leave emails like yours so I can take time to read them without skimming through in order to delete (some of the many subscriptions I have!).

    WOW – what a contrast in the weather huh? It’s been chilly here today, but I’ve not had a coat on – so not too bad (maybe I was having a hot flush!?) however, regardless of the temperature – the sky has been gloriously clear just like in your first picture. Those lovely pictures from your walk reminded me of a walk we go on (or used to) – your pics look as if they could have been taken over here!

    Hmmm… your Thanksgiving lunch/dinner sounds lovely – and those pies look scrummy… I admire you for the amount of baking you do – which makes you look like Delia Smith at the side of me!

    Talking of Christmas decorations, I have bought my boys an advent calendar each – they type with cheap choc behind… and because it was cheap – I bought them a big bar of galaxy each too. I will put under their pillows tomorrow night so they can start them on Saturday morning… and they’re 19 and 16!!!

    Right, I’d better sign this one off and read your WOYWW post now… I’ve not managed to do a post yet – I haven’t had the chance yet (too many interuptions as usual)…

    Big hugs

    Paula x x x x
    (sorry for the long comment but you know me, I like to acknowledge everything you’ve written about) xx

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