What’s On Your Workdesk Wednesday 184

Well, it’s Wednesday again, which means another trip around the desks of the world with Julia as a guide.  I haven’t managed to post to this blog in a week, far too much going on, not enough time or inclination to blog about it!

Since you were last here the Christmas cards I was busy writing last week have all been posted and the decks have been cleared in favour of gift making!  Yeah I know, nothing like a bit of last minute pressure to galvanize me into action.  These gifts won’t be traveling over seas, we decided years ago not to bother with gifts because of the postage rates for parcels, so these are for local friends, some of whom we’ll be getting together with this coming weekend.

First up are some colourful “ruffle” scarves.  I’ve made three since Sunday and have a fourth almost finished too, just need to sew the ends in and they’ll be ready.  Next we have hand made soap and hand knitted wash cloths.  Andrew and I had a fun couple of hours on Saturday making these soaps, I’d made the cloths earlier in the year.

The two round soaps were made by Andrew, they’re clear Glycerin based with natural additives for the colour and fragrance, they’re not as dark in real life but the flash is bouncing off them.  The green one is green tea scented with lemongrass and the browny one top right is actually pinky and it’s lavender scented with rose clay providing the colour.  The other ones I made.  The brown one top left doesn’t look this insipid and mucky really!  It’s called Tuscany soap and it’s coloured with cinnamon, cloves and cocoa and is scented with cinnamon and oil of bergamot.  The one bottom right is my favourite, it’s an exfoliating sea salt and sea kelp soap scented with peppermint and grapefruit, so nice and refreshing, but not to be used on the face though.  We’ve got about 18 bars/rounds in total so there’ll be enough to stock up our own supply too.  Andrew has also made his Christmas tea that he does every year.  Basically it’s a black tea that he adds things like orange peel, broken cinnamon sticks, cloves and cranberries to.  It makes a lovely aromatic brew that tastes so good on a Winters day, really festive.  There’s enough of that to go in some sweet little jars we have.

On the home front I made and froze more pastry, Andrew made cookies and we’ve made a list of things to buy, food to make and what’s left to do.  I can tell you I’ll be putting my feet up the weekend before Christmas at this rate!!   There is one minor, little damper on my horizon over the holiday… I have an impacted wisdom tooth coming out on December 28th!  Not looking forward to that, but I was at the Oral Surgeon’s last night after work and the xray has revealed that it’s almost sideways in my jaw and pushing into the teeth next to it, it has to come out.  I only have the two wisdom teeth (yeah I know, explains a lot!) and one came through without any problems so I only have the one to deal with, unlike those unlucky people who get four taken out at once, need a full anesthetic and end up looking like they were in a pub fight!  The only other appointment I could have taken was on Christmas Eve and who in their right mind would want that done right before the big day!

Well, that’s me for this week, can you believe that two weeks today it will be Boxing Day and it’ll all be over for another year!  See you on the desk trail!

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19 thoughts on “What’s On Your Workdesk Wednesday 184

  1. NO-ONE in their right mind! is the answer – I would have gone with the 28th too! Hope that isn’t too bad for you.

    Your scarves look gorgeous and your soaps sure SOUND lovely despite the flash bounce photos and I’m sure they will be enjoyed by their recipients

    Seasons Greetings


  2. No, I wouldn’t have taken a Christmas Eve slot either… love your makes – the soaps sound as though they smell delightful, and I love the ruffle scarves (though I always snag things like that!)
    I used the red paint under the white that I ‘bumped’ with, on top of the blue – it’s a Leandra thing, if you get time to watch the bumping video…! Thanks for stopping by. Helen, 4

  3. You really are organised and I love home made gifts to knock out the commercial side of Christmas! Well done you!
    Love the colours of those frilly scarves. I made so many of those a couple of years ago and they are so attractive.
    Your soaps are such a great idea to give as gifts and such a great idea to make and give those wash cloths with them. Might just do a few of them as I’ve tons of cotton yarn which will be ideal but it will have to be bought soap for now!
    Love Jo x.

  4. ps hope the wisdom tooth extraction goes easy and BTW Maddy Prior still does sing with Steeleye Span. She also sings with her DD Rose, also with June Tabor (as Silly Sisters) amongst others.
    Jo x

  5. Was it tricky to make the soap? They look ever so professional!! What a great gift to give – I’m trying to do handmade stuff this year but am running out of time…sigh…
    I love the look of that scarf too – very pretty yarn indeed.
    Keep smiling throughout all of the festive stuff – and hope the tooth extraction is problem-free :)
    Hugs, LLJ #27 xx

  6. All of your gifts look wonderful, love the colours of your scarves and the description of the soaps hmmmm! Was one of those “all four at once“ and I looked like Marlon Brando in The Godfather! Thanks for coming my way…Sandi 5

  7. Pretty scarves! Wow!,4! A friend is making her second and says that’s it! Lovely soaps and washies. His tea sounds yummy…could use cuppa that here even with the 80F degree temp. Nan 14

  8. I was so enjoying looking at and reading your blog post until I got to the end – poor you, but I would have gone for a date after Christmas too. The only good side is that mouths tend to heal quite quickly – fingers crossed for you.

    Love, love, love all your makes, those scarves are beautiful but the soap and wash cloths are fantastic – love all the wonderful descriptions of what is included in the soap recipes – they all sound yummy. BTW, I knitted a matching mit last night, still not happy with them but they are functional at least. I have tried typing in them and it works. There are loads of free patterns on the internet, you should try a pair, your knitting looks wonderful. Hugs, Anne x #21

  9. Dear Martha —– I cannot believe it — you make your own wash cloths and soap. I should have known. Your scarves are out of this world gorgeous – prettiest colors. I need to try your tea recipe. I love to sip on something hot during the cold winter days. Well Martha – I have to go and iron our sheets before I make up the bed. You are so much fun to follow – can’t wait to read all about your Christmas menu!!

  10. Wow – super scarves and soaps there Brenda! Good luck with the tooth – just think about card amking and it’ll be over in a trice :) Hugs, Di xx

  11. You are one organized person – all that work done – well luckily there is two of you – I am alone for everything so I am way behind with this Christmas stuff – I am going shopping today – I hope I get that all done!
    I hope the op goes well and you will be ok for New Years Eve!
    Lots of hugs,

  12. Think I am going loopy, searched everywhere for where to put a comment – doh!
    I am impressed with what you two have been doing – love the idea of the soaps and the drink Andrew makes sounds wonderful.
    Hope you can put your feet up, and don’t think about the dentists.
    Hugs, Neet xx 2

  13. Well, Brenda, I am sitting here typing this with my feet up. I was fine until reading your fantastic post which wore me out completely. I wish I had an ounce of your energy. How fun that you and Andrew share your love for creating! All of your homemade gifts are incredible – such lucky recipients!

    I’m so sorry you’re going to have dental surgery the week between Christmas and New Year’s – well, I’m sorry you have to have it at all! But I know Andrew will treat you like a princess in the postop, so that part is good.

    I didn’t play in WOYWW, prolly won’t until after Christmas, so if I don’t talk to you again beforehand, have a blessed holiday!! Darnell

  14. No way in hell would I go to the dentist on Christmas Eve unless I was dying. Good luck on the 28th I really feel for you I had 3 wisdom teeth out at once and two had wrapped themselves around my jaw and broke it in many places, all cool now. I have to have my teeth cleaned this week and I am not looking forward to it at all.

    Onto nice things, your scarfes, face cloths and soaps are really special gifts from the heart and I am sure the receivers are going to love them. Great gifts.

    Happy belated WOYWW
    Eliza 12

  15. Hi there Brenda have not been blogging/ commenting on blogs for while due to health..and here finding your blog a little like Old Mother Hubbard’s cupboard! Bare except for essentials? even where to put comments was quite a puzzle I like it when can still view the post when commenting actually as like to refer back but as in this case can remember your lovely goodies and think they will make great pressies…Enjoy your CAS look, and most of all your Christmas! May God richly bless it in every way! Shaz in oz.x

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