What’s On Your Workdesk Wednesday 185 – Twas The WOYWW Before Christmas

Morning, morning.  How are you all this fine day.  I’m counting down the days until Friday 21st, when I finish work until January 2nd, I’m really looking forward to some much needed down time as I’m sick again…. the fourth time this year, or maybe it’s the fifth, I’ve lost count!  I’m hoping a few days of lounging around on the sofa will see me right again so I can enjoy the festivities.

My desk actually got some attention this last week as I had a birthday card to make for my nephew who has a birthday at the end of December, so I had to clear the clutter and get on with it.  This is the desk after I was done with it all, the card is in the top right but is now in the post, winging it’s way to England.

I can’t think of a more uninspiring desk!  All the crap from the last couple of weeks has just been pushed to one side in order to make a space to work with, and it’s all been left like that too, with the exception of the card that’s now in the post.  I’m planning a full scale assault on the room over the break, get it looking all ship shape again.

No knitting this week, I haven’t had the energy to cast on the second sock of the pair that I need to finish, another task for the break methinks!  All that remains to to point you in the direction of Julia and her linky list, and to wish you all a wonderful Christmas and New Year.

16 thoughts on “What’s On Your Workdesk Wednesday 185 – Twas The WOYWW Before Christmas

  1. Must be that time if year where everyone ill. Think we need snow, that might help. Good tidying. Hope you are feeling better soon and that sock gets knitted xx

  2. Sorry you are under the weather when I am sure you need to be busy!! I too finish on Friday until 2nd January, I can’t wait for a little break. Thanks for dropping by! Happy Christmas to you and yours. Helen, (3)

  3. Thanks for visiting me already, love the card. I seem to have had a cough since the middle of October but it is going slowly. Think of me on 21st as it is our son’s 14th birthday then! Have a great Christmas BJ#1.

  4. So sorry to hear you are not well. I hope you improve to enjoy Christmas. Take it easy and have a lovely holiday and even better New Year 2013. Are you changing jobs or taking early retirement?
    Lots of love
    jo x

  5. Thank you so much for my beautiful card, Brenda – how kind of you to think of me. I have been slightly overwhelmed (and a bit abashed) at the cards and little prezzies that have been sent….but am very pleased and grateful nevertheless!!

    I’m so sorry you’re poorly again – it sounds like you just need to stop and recharge your batteries. I sincerely hope that happens over the next couple of weeks. I’m the same actually – have had a fierce sore throat since Saturday and am feeling generally pants. I must learn that I can only burn the candle at both ends for a short time only…..

    Thank you for all the fun, support and comments this year – it does mean a lot to me.
    Sending hugs and love for a Happy Christmas!
    LLJ #25 xx

  6. Oh, B, this post is so unlike you! I’m glad you are getting a break to lie about and get better. What a crummy time of year to be sick, but all kinds of hacking and wheezing has hit the West Coast, too. Yesterday, my friend and hair care worker said she and her hubs had 48-hour flu over the weekend. Oh and here, have some homemade toffee. Erm? Actually, I don’t care, I love toffee and it’s dynomite. I’ve called her this morning for the recipe, so I can share.

    Okay, back to bed with you. I hope you and Andrew have a blessed Christmas and new year!! Darnell (32)

  7. Sorry, BB, that was heartless of me. I hope Himself let you crawl into the nice warm spot he left for you when you got home from work, while he went and made you chicken noo-noo soup and crackers. Also, heartless of me to forget all about your wonky wisdom tooth surgery. I know you’ll come through it with flying colors, but still you won’t mind seeing the backside of 2012, that’s for damn sure! I’ll save you some toffee and some bubbly for celebrating! Hugs, Darnell

  8. Lovely card … I always find cards for men/boys so difficult. But you have done it beautifully and without bling (which is probably where I go wrong). Hope your health recovers quickly. Rest, Rest and more rest. Enjoy your christmas.
    Sandra @17

  9. I do hope you feel better soon. Many thanks for dropping by and for your kind comment.
    And it has been incredibly hot here (Australia) until today which is humid and overcast, but “they” promise the hot weather will be back for Christmas Eve! Oh, and I think your desk looks very neat!
    Sending you best wishes for a healthier new year.

  10. Well, you may not have any art out, but you have plenty of eye candy with all those supplies. This is my first woyww and so fun to see everyone’s studio spots.
    Merry Christmas,
    Coleen in Ukraine

  11. Ah Brenda, sorry to read that you need the break to get over another out of something, poor you. I’m late to comment this week as you can tell, so hope that the just finishing work part will make things a little easier for you. I thought of you both yesterday when I finally put my tree up…suggested to Mr D that we sleep downstairs and he truly truly looked worried!! Thank you for your beautiful card, so thoughtful of you to make the time. Happy Christmas!

  12. Hi Brenda!

    I know I’ve not joined in with WOYWW just recently but I’ll be back in the new year for sure.

    I just wanted to pop by to say thanks for all the fun and inspiration you’ve shared over the last year and to wish you and yours a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year.


  13. Hi Brenda, I hope you are feeling better! It’s such a hassle being sick with so many things to attend to! I just finished my shopping and wrapping and taking a bloggy break to visit as I have been too busy to do so the past weeks. A blessed Christmas to you and your loved ones. May you have the choicest gifts of the season- love, joy, hope and peace beyond understanding. And especially good health! Patsy from HeARTworks

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