What’s On Your Workdesk Wednesday 188 – The Birthday Edition

Yes, it’s finally happened, after a few years of taking part in WOYWW the heavens and planets have finally aligned and WOYWW has fallen on the same date as my birthday.  So it’s Happy Birthday to Me, Happy Birthday to Me, Happy Birthday Dear Brendaaaaaaaaaaaaa, Happy Birthday To Me!

So help yourself to a cupcake before you leave and help me celebrate, they’re a bit psychedelic so I better not tell you what I put in the icing!  Actually I nicked the photo off the web so I’ve no idea what’s in them but they look really groovy!!

But on to more important matters, the desk.  A bit abandoned to be honest, I was doing some card making at the weekend as I’ve been practicing colouring images with my new Prisma’s but I was doing the colouring at the kitchen bar top while Andrew was busy in the kitchen.  I then came back upstairs and made a couple of cards with the newly coloured images.  I’ve tried both Odorless Mineral Spirits and Mineral Oil (like baby oil) and I prefer the mineral oil so far, I want to print out some digi images I have from Saturated Canary, I think they’d be good candidates for learning to colour with, and I will try both methods again just to be sure.

There’s some bakers twine on a peg with two more in a packet, some dimensionals, two Stampendous stamps, a few inks, some SU paper that I used on one of my cards.  The tin of pencils is there with a coloured in Penny Black Snowy image on top, the blender sticks are also on top, as is a scalpel.  The stamps I was using are over the back and centre stage is a sock!  I turned the heal and I’m heading down the foot but it’s slow going right now. Last week a few of you mentioned the rolls of ribbon on my desk, they’re been there since the end of November and are American Crafts Bakers Twine, they were on sale when I bought them and I need to figure out a permanent home for them!

We went cross country skiing again last Sunday so here’s a couple of photos, it was a dull day but I don’t mind that as on a sunny day the sun reflects off the snow and it’s incredibly bright.  We’re in danger of losing all the snow though (sorry Lisa’s daughter!) as a January thaw has kicked in, it’ll be between 4C and 9C this week, peaking out at 13C or 14C this Saturday, that almost 60F for those working in Fahrenheit!

That’s the lake where in the summer we spend hours on the water in our kayaks, doesn’t look very inviting at the moment, and here’s Andrew waiting for me to take some photos…

Don’t ask me what I got for my birthday as I won’t be opening cards and presents until I get home this afternoon, so no doubt that’ll be the subject of next week’s post!!  Off you trot to Julia’s for the linky list and I’ll be round for a bit of cake and a cuppa in a while.

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40 thoughts on “What’s On Your Workdesk Wednesday 188 – The Birthday Edition

  1. OMG those cupcakes look yummie! I am hungry!!!

    HAPPY birthday dear Brenda :)
    Wish you to have wunderful day, full of surprises :)
    Love you blog and things you do, so don’t stop :)

    Happy birthday!
    Hugs, Katarina

  2. LOL! LSD cupcakes? surely not…. love the look of them. and hope you had a fab day. Look forward to seeing the cards. Why does GAMSOL stick in my brain when you mention coloured pencils? Drat. Now I have to Google it….

    Have a great WOYWW!

    MA (4)


    I would love to eat some cupcakes but I am allergic to the colours so sorry about that, but how about you eat mine for me. I think you are going to have show and tell next week. Have fun ski-ing wish I could be there with you.

    Happy WOYWW too
    Eliza #8

  4. Was not sure it would work as I am on my iPad over here so made it short.
    Do hope you had a fab time opening cards and presses, love the snow photos and envious (a little only) of the canoeing you do. What a wonderful place you live in.
    Neet xx
    More birthday wishes with this comment

  5. Happy Birthday!!! Very colorful cupcakes.

    Love to color myself.

    I am new to WOYWW and friends with Sandee. Hope you have a chance to check out my blog and desk.
    Lori #81

  6. well happy birthday to you, dear brenda!!
    i hope you have a wonderful day – and what a pile of cakes – i’ll have the bright rainbow one on the top left, please :)
    lovely snowy pics!
    Happy WOYWW and have a great week )
    no. 10

  7. Happy Birthday!!!! Fab cupcakes (even if its only an image and not in real life) and love the pictures of the snowy landscape (just more rain here in the flooded uk!)
    Thanks for visiting my desk already

    kyla #18

  8. You make me look like a slug – if I did not love you so much I would hate you!!! You really are the new age Martha Stewart married to the male version!!!!! What do you not do. You are British — love that – you are a good cook – love that – you are very creative – love that – you are an excellent knitter – love that – you do all kinds of outdorsie things – love that – you go to Charleston – love that! Now I will tell you Brenda – I do have a slight connection with Charleston. My husband’s name is Arthur Middleton Dehon — Look that up and check out the name Nathaniel Russel. Have I told you this before? By marriage, I am related to Arthur Dehon, Nethaniel Russel, and Theodore Dehon. Oh well, I have no such claim to fame!!! I am such a snob!!! (not really) my husband would croak if I told you all this!!!
    Happy new year Sugar and may our friendship grow!!

  9. Happy birthday ! Hope you got some fun crafty stash amongst your pressies !! Thanks for coming by earlier ! Hope you had a fun day ! Ali #4

  10. happy birthday brenda, love the cup cakes even if you didnt make them… fab.
    thanks for your camment earlier, I only made so many cards because they were all very similar and I had lots of stuff to use up. last year I made about 40 in january and I was really glad i did as i was so poorly with flu all through november and most of december that i wouldn’t have had any card to give out. Lucky you with the skiing … it is just wet in the uk
    thanks for sharing
    janet #23

  11. Um, those cupcakes look as if they’d drive the kids up the wall with all the enumbers, but what the heck! Happy Birthday to you, my dear girlie, hope you’ve had a fab day!!
    Hugs, LLJ 38 xxx

  12. Happy birthday to you! Yes, those cupcakes look groovy! You made me laugh; I hadn’t heard that word in a long time! Everything on your desk looks great – congrats on turning that heel!


  13. Happy Birthday! Lovely looking desk, sounds as though you’re enjoying the colouring experimentation… and so nice to see the snow – we’re mainly grey drizzle at the moment. Thank you for the cupcake picture – most extraordinary cakes I’ve ever seen!! Happy WOYWW!
    Alison x

  14. Happy Birthday, BB baby!! I’m dying to know what your talented, athletic, smart, hunk o burnin’ love had planned for your special day! Your fall in the snow story in my comments had me in stitches! I’m so happy you aren’t yet at an age where you would have had a REALLY wet bottom from laughing so hard!

    I’m sorry I’ve missed all the cupcakes. I went to work today so I’m just now starting the tour. I did hear on the cybervine that there was a bit of a rave happening in the UK after all those early bird WOYWWers devored your “special” cupcakes. I hope someone puts it on UTube and it goes virus.

    Okay, I’d better stop trying to be cute or I’ll not make any progress on the hop. Thanks for coming by the Playhouse and have a wonderful make-the-birthday-last-all-week week!! xxoo D

  15. Happy Belated Birthday!! Mine was last week… Capricorns rule!! ;) Love the photos of the snow… if only because I don’t have any, its been super mild here in Scotland this year!! Annette #37

  16. Happy Birthday for yesterday dear Brenda! Hope you got lots of lovely goodies.

    Love your photos – right now I think even UK snow (and you know the problems that always brings) would be preferable to the constant rain of late :(

    Belated Happy WOYWW, I got sidetracked yesterday, hugs, Di xx #32

  17. Hi there Brenda you have to admit Sarn’s comment totally cracks you up!! hope your birthday was very happy though! and yes feel for you having to pay heaps for macadamia.s we do grow them here for picking etc. as they are native to SE Australia so well and truly our nuts originally but now mostly grown in China would you believe, and I think some are grown in Hawaii I read somewhere I think??..

    Oo love the card below.. and you can see very good videos on using prismas in both methods on you tube if you feel so inclined to watch instead of play.. that always is the battle!
    Thanks so much for popping over and thanks for sharing ~ happy WOYWW! Shaz in Oz. x #6

  18. So not only am I wishing you a belated Happy WOYWW but a belated Happy Birthday too! I hope you had a great day, and thank you for spending a little of it in visiting my blog.


  19. Happy Burpday to you! Love the cakes though I am suddenly typing very fast right now! and there is a pink elephant walking across the top of my laptop!!
    Great goodies on your desk there! If you come home you might get some snow here!

  20. Hi Brenda, and a belated Happy Birthday to you and may there be many happy returns. Love the snowy photos and would love to give cross-country skiing a try out some day – if we ever get snow in this part of Scotland again! Your desk looks as busy as ever – I’ve no idea why you have been trying out mineral spirits and mineral oil but it sounds nice :) Hope you have a lovely weekend. Elizabeth x #69

  21. Happy birthday Brenda! I hope you had a fabulous day!! I can’t wait til next week to see what you got!! Love your snow pics!!

    Thanks for stopping by!

    Amy E #20

  22. DOH! – Happy Birthday my friend… I didn’t do WOYWW again because I am really in the middle of a massive clear out of my craft room and wouldn’t have time for visits and that wasn’t fair… but I have taken lots of pics of the bombsite!!!

    Hoping you had a fab day sweetie and got all that you wished for.

    Those cupcakes look like someone has melted wax crayons over them and remind me of when you were a kit and you’d do swirly patters with the crayons all lined up, fitting as many as you could in your hand – and made rainbows and swirls. Groovy baby!

    Big birthday hugs
    Paula x x x

  23. The cupcakes look yummy. Happy belated birthday. When you say you’re using mineral oil – exactly what are you using mineral oil on? I was just wondering if this was something I ‘need’ to be doing, too. :-) April #136

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