What’s On Your Workdesk Wednesday?

What indeed.  That’s a questions we ask ourselves most Wednesdays, actually the lovely Julia asks it every Wednesday but there’s no obligation to join in every week.  I was MIA last week, too much work, too little life, non existent mojo all equaled to nothing of interest going on.  In fact, the most interesting thing to happen in the last week was me breaking my back tooth on a tortilla chip!  I was at the dentist yesterday getting it all fixed again.

But I’ve been at the desk a bit in the last few days and cracked on with a couple of cards for the old blog.


Just peaking in bottom left is a bunch of knitting and craft magazines collected from various rooms around the house!  The Prisma’s are out along with some stamps, the fixings for a new card (Christmas) and my atg that needs a new roll of tape fitting to it.  At the back are a couple of newly made cards and some Christmas papers (Bo Bunny).  In the centre of the mat are some free digi printouts of vintage Christmas carols, brilliant for tearing, inking up and generally doing the vintagey thing with.  The link is here, on Flikr, if you’re interested.  And the link for Julia’s blog and the start of the list is here.  Perhaps I’ll bump into you on my travels.

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28 thoughts on “What’s On Your Workdesk Wednesday?

  1. Lovely neat and tidy desk as per… and I want to know how you manage to keep your mat so pristeen? Mine is all cuts and ink and glue and you would think I never washed it… but I do, honest! LOL Happy WOYWW from Annette #9

  2. OMgoodness are you really making the December things now. You are so organised to be doing it 6 months ahead of time. All the fun is in the night before rush!
    Sandra @105

  3. Lovely cards. Do you use an inkjet printer for your digi prints? Bo Bunny Christmas paper….reminds I better cracking, my July class is Christmas in July! Thanks for the earlier visit. Happy WOYWW! Nan G #3

  4. oh so cute! love those bunnies :)
    Thanks for your visit too! …since you mentioned it in your comment: if you ever buy a jar Nutella – don’t forget to dig in and eat it plain, by the spoonful. It’s too good to be used for baking ;) (we’re using it as spread on our breakfast baguette (and my husband eats it out of the jar once the kids are in bed ;))
    Jana #100

  5. You always make me feel like I need to get on with Christmas as the end of the financial year is upon us and no I have not made any lately, before I know it, it will be Christmas soon. Great desk full of fun things. Thanks for popping in to say hi, it was great to have you visit.

    Hugs Eliza & Yoda 25
    Happy WOYWW

  6. A pretty tidy desk there Missus! Thanks for the link, those free papers are brilliant! Err, once I change the ink cartridges here – bother!

    Hugs, Di xx

  7. Well, it is good to see someone organised enough to make a start on Christmas things – well done! Your desk does look very organised. Happy WOYWW, Anne x #51

  8. Hi Brenda, thanks for swinging by my blog and giving me all the super promarker advice. I love that you are making Christmas stuff already – message me if you like, as I might have a little ‘gift’ for you. Also are those jars full of Tsukineko inks – DO WANT!! Your desk is so lovely and neat, I envy your window, I miss mine. Happy WOYWW. Cx #33

  9. Your desk always makes me want to come and play! And it’s no different today!! I think it’s the lovely light that must make crafting such a pleasure there.
    The school panto is a thigh slapping, groan making affair. The kids are enjoying it hugely. I have a small part as a lumberjack!! Don’t ask…… But today, I have been painting the side scenery…one side is a forest clearing, the other is a cafe and private detective! I do love my job sometimes!!
    Hugs, LLJ 43 xx

  10. Holy cow, that’s a tons of images on the Flicker site, thank for the link!! Love the little bunny card in the back, and stop using the “C” word for petes sake!! :) Thank you so much for visiting my “floor of shame today”, lol waving hi from the hills of North Carolina ♥

  11. Such a lot of fun stuff to grab the eyeball for a sweep, B, and then sweep ba … ouch, oh, sorry, there you are! Pardon my giant hinder bumping you like that! When I get on a roll hopping through WOYWW, that backside can get to swaying uncontrollably. I bowled over sweet Andrea a few minutes ago. Anyway, yes, love your desk! Good to see you! Have a ~ you, too! Bye!! Darnell #20

  12. Christmas already!! Yikes…I can’t even keep up with the mid-year birthdays and anniversaries…how am I supposed to be thinking about Christmas! Love that you have a little peak out the window from your desk. I so wish did!
    Anna Leisa #144

  13. Spotless desk this week…looks great. I have those carol printouts too…handy aren’t they! I want to shrink mine down to tuck into cards as sort of embellies!

  14. What a well organised desk! Very impressed! I love your get well card, beautifully coloured and layered! Read your profile…very interesting and yup! I’ve signed up as a folower too! Thanks for the inspiration and also your kind comments on my bog!

  15. Ooh, thanks for the link to those lovely illustrated versions of Christmas carols! I’ve been pondering making our cards this summer — it would be nice to have them all done way ahead of time. Heck, the envelopes could even be addressed ahead of time! You’ve obviously inspired me. Happy WOYWW (and thanks for your visit.) ~ Laura (Bookworm) #6

  16. I did think of you when I took the desk picture..as in – you’ll have to ignore it, admire my brazen-ness or spend the day with itchy teeth. Lucky for me you live too far away to shake me out of it!! Gret link for the carols..hey, am I thinking ahead?!!

  17. Eeek! Christmas already! How very organised. I love your workspace and your mat is so clean – mine is covered with glue/ink/paint etc
    Happy WOYWW
    Karen #131

  18. Thanks for your visit this week, and that link to the carols. My paperwork got even worse today when I tried to change my car insurance to take Geoff off it. They wanted to charge me about £12 for that. I complained very bitterly about that and succeeded in getting that charge dropped. Then British Gas wanted me to set up the new online account, but failed to give me the code I needed. Gggrrrr! My good thing was the kindness of my local butcher, who can’t do enough to help, carrying my shopping back to the car for me, and offering to deliver if I cannot get out. Lovely people. Hope you are feeling better after your dental problems. xx Maggie #13

  19. The tea has probably gone cold by now because it has taken me so long to get around everyone but its okay! I love the idea of the carol printables. I’ve used some sheet music in my Christmas albums and I love the way it looks.

  20. well Brenda just the most fab Christmas card up above this post the detail is just amazing thanks for sharing and for popping over love the LOTV get well down below too.. and wondered why you like the gold embossing powder particularly the one used on Christmas card is a real gold looking? or dull one?? looks fab on your card, love Shaz in Ozx

  21. Hi Brenda, it’s great to see a nice busy desk again and judging by the photos in your next post the cards you made were beautiful.
    You were right about Nichola being almost ready to drop. She had just six weeks to go when we went, so we made sure we knew where the nearest hospital was, Lol. Fortunately we didn’t need it!
    Thanks for stopping by this week.

    Happy Crafting!

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