It’s WOYWW Time Again

Hello All – Quick one form me this time you’ll be relieved to hear!  Still busy, still not commenting as much as usual but I’m definitely calling in to see as many of you as I can.

I have another knitty desk again this week, been bitten by the bug again it seems as I have a number of things now on the go, all artfully arranged in one pic so you can get out of here quickly!


Clockwise from the bottom left, the second of a pair of socks is well underway (the first one was mostly knitted whilst I was in England in May!);  a new ball of sock wool to pack in my bag for my upcoming holiday; the burgundy bag panel from last week, it is a little bigger I promise!; pink socks which have also been on the needles forever, finally finished them (did the toe grafting after taking the photo); a black/grey and white ruffle scarf that was half finished and also got completed after I took the photo!; and at the front, another ball of ruffle scarf yarn to make one for my sister in Autumn colours.

We’re off on our yearly trip camping up in Northern Michigan early on Friday morning, we’ll be gone 10 days all told, so it’ll be quiet from me next week as I don’t get on line when I’m away.  Some socks will be going with me, either the ones bottom left if they’re not finished, or the ball top left to start a new pair.  I also plan on taking the ruffle yarn at the bottom and hope to get the scarf made for my sister too.

Chin, chin for now, and head on over to Julia’s for the start of the linky list.

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32 thoughts on “It’s WOYWW Time Again

  1. Gorgeous – I am so envious of this talent – I am also glad to see the knitting projects on your desk again. Won’t be long before you will have a good recipe to share.!

  2. Lovely looking socks. Nice pattern on the pink ones and live the wool for the left pair. Ruffle scarf looks interesting. Thanks for nudging me, nearly missed out on woyww this week. Enjoy your camping trip, will miss you x

  3. We are coming into our spring here in Australia but I sure could have used those beautiful pink socks during our winter!! Your knitting looks fantastic and I wish that I could do it but I am to impatient lol!! Happy WOYWW.
    Janene #20

  4. wow.. I think I would go nuts making those.. makes me think how I better be nicer to my socks :-) All those colors..pretty neat. The pink ones look really soft. Thanks for the peek. Roberta #40

  5. I do so love your socks, but those ruffle scarves look great too! I have a passion for scarves, I have to confess. Have a terrific holiday and see your desk again the week after next! Happy WOYWW. Julie Ann xx #42

  6. Love the green sock wool, the one on my needle is in rusty shades and I hope to get it finished before the cold weather comes, well it has been sitting there untouched since spring. Enjoy your trip.
    Quick visit this week as I’m trying to visit a few more desks this week.
    Ann B

  7. TY for stopping by for a visit, (((HUGS))) I love your knitting projects you have. The colors are just brilliant. I wish that was something I learned to do is Knit. Maybe one day soon. Have a HAPPY HUMP DAY!!! Much Love!!!
    WOYWW #1

  8. Now why should we want to hurry away? Your desk always looks so good and inviting. Well done on all the finishing up. I’ve got cupboards full of unfinished symphonies – as my hubby calls them – maybe one day I’ll have time to….. but there again, maybe not! Your work looks great.
    Have a great week, and a good time away.
    Margaret #37

  9. FAbulous knitting! Love that you are just like me, lots of projects on the go at the same time! I am perplexed by your stripey socks though, must ask the question. How do you get that fabulous pattern when your ball of yarn is multicoloured?
    Have a lovely holiday, hope you get all your knitting done and plenty of relaxation time!

  10. Cor, you’re a right finisher! Love the endings to a relatively long project. Am going to guess that the pink socks are for you , hope they give you lots of comfort. Have a great holiday – time away from the www is no bad thing huh!

  11. Pretty sock, my Daughter has just said she loves the colour and wnts some. Next question was could I make some? Think she will be waiting a while the speed I knit at

    Thanks for sharing. Enjoy your week.

    Candace #18

  12. Wow, your socks are great, toe grafting sounds a little painful though. They’ll keep your toes nice and toasty on your holiday. Enjoy your trip away.
    Von #41

  13. Wow, now you have been busy, I love the look of your ruffle scarf yarns and can’t wait to see the black and white one finished. Hope you have a great time camping! Happy WOYWW! Danie #62

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