WOYWW September Edition

Wow, September people, how fast is this year going?  Scarily fast, let me tell you!!  It’s September, the kids have gone back to school or college, the leaves are starting to change, the mornings are becoming misty, the evenings a little chillier and also a little darker.  I’m beginning to think of home baked bread with soup in place of salad and grilled chicken.  I’m beginning to think of swapping shorts for jeans and jumpers for tshirts, putting thicker sheets on the bed and digging out winter pajamas again.  The weather round here though has other plans.  Would you believe that after pulling out winter pajamas for a few nights in JULY, we’ve been staring at the wrong side of 35C (95F) for the last couple of days in SEPTEMBER!

But enough of that. We’re here again this week to link up with the fabulous Julia and her amazing Wednesday linky party.  I missed last week as we were taking our annual trip up to beautiful Northern Michigan.  So while you were busy desk hopping I was busy digging my toes in white sandy beaches, swimming in the crystal waters of Lake Michigan, riding my bike hither and thither, drinking wine around campfires, kayaking (goes without saying), watching amazing sunsets, eating fish and chips made from freshly caught whitefish, sipping locally roasted coffee, buying locally made pottery for Christmas presents (for each other) and dreaming of living in a little cottage by the bay.  Oh, and falling off my bike in a patch of poison ivy!  But we won’t mention that bit!!

My desk has had no action for the last week or so, and I have to find some mojo from somewhere as I have a DT piece to complete for Sunday, and all I want to do is sit and knit!  I’ve noticed something over the last 12 months or so, and that’s every time I go away now I root out lovely little yarn stores and come back with fantastic skeins of wool.  It used to be that I’d look out for craft or scrap booking stores and show you what crafty items I snagged on my travels on a WOYWW post!  But no more, it’s the yarn that draws me in these days, it’s the yarn that I desperately try to stuff in my bag for the trip home and it’s the yarn that I now show you on my desk more Wednesdays than not, and it’s yarn I have for you again this week too!

I found a wonderful shop in Petoskey, MI which was also the closest town to where we were camping at the local State Park.  It’s the most amazing yarn store I’ve ever come across, called Cynthia’s Too and it’s run by a mother and daughter team.  What set this store apart was the visually appealing way they display everything and the sheer amount of fully knitted up samples for you to touch and try on…. hats, scarves, gloves, shawls, cowls, cardigans, childrens knits, socks and much more.  It truly draws you in, even Andrew picked up a couple of things and asked the lady if she made it and was it complicated, he was as impressed as I was.

So I couldn’t come away empty handed now could I?  That would just be plain rude…. so I asked for locally made yarn and came away with two skeins of Stonehedge 100% wool for a scarf for Andrew, it’s at the front, the red wool.  Then I delved into their clearance bin and found a wonderful sock yarn in desert colours for 40% off on the left and two skeins of lace weight yarn as knitting a lace shawl for me is high on my wish list.  That’s the two greeny/goldy toned skeins on the right and they have to be touched to be believed…. 70% baby alpaca, 25% silk and 5% cashmere!  Also on clearance at 40% off.  The pink socks are still there from the other week, and the white package on the left came from a “relative” of Andrew’s.  That side of the Palmer family emigrated to America in 1847, his descendant, Bernie, has a lot of family history stuff including very old photos and letters to England from America and back again, some dated as early as 1850.  He wrote it all up in a lovely bound book and sent me a copy.

I got most of my sister’s scarf completed whilst on holiday but it’s not in the photo, but I never even touched the socks that I took with me!  Instead I read a couple of books that I took along and bought and started a third!  I really could have done with another week by the lake as I was just getting into it nicely when we had to pack up and leave.  That’s the only trouble with holidays, they’re never really long enough are they?  I’m going to indulge this rather long post and add some holiday snaps, so if you’d like to visit just for WOYWW I’ll send you on your way now.  Chin chin my lovelies!

Petoskey State Park Beach during rush hour!

Kayaking on Little Traverse Bay (Lake Michigan)

Typical Lake Michigan sunset from the sand dunes at Petoskey State Park


Bike ride to Harbor Springs

Harbor Springs “cottage” overlooking the bay. I can see me living here, just need to raise the million or two dollars that property is worth!

Beer bubbles highlighted by yet another amazing sunset!

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27 thoughts on “WOYWW September Edition

  1. Always lovely to see where you go on your adventures. I think I will have to try and paint that sunset … truly gorgeous.
    Sandra @22

  2. Oh, your holiday photos are fabulous, especially jealous of the fish and chips and that nice glass of cold stuff!
    I never get anything crafty done on holiday, have given up taking anything but like you I do like to read while away!
    Loving my knitting too. Think it goes hand in hand with autumn being right around the corner! Enjoy that last bit of warm weather! Long last summer I say, although I did make soup today! It still gets a bit warm during the day here but the mornings and evenings are definitely beginning to see a chill in the air! It will soon be time for a nice roast again for Sunday lunch!
    have a great week!

  3. Love the yarns, they look as if they would be so soft to snuggle up to (and in once knitted ) but I love your holiday photos – it sounds an amazing trip (apart from the poison ivy we’re not talking about, lol!) the sunset – oh wow!! thanks for sharing. Helen 19

  4. I was hoping you would post some photos of the trip to the UP, Brenda! They are stunning!! And what do you mean, skip the bit about the poison ivy – yeouch!! You poor thing! I hope your Indian summer scorcher cools off soon and you have a lovely week! Hugs to you both! Darnell #24

  5. Stunning photos! What a fabulous beach! It just looks magical! It sounds like you had a wonderful time – except for the poison ivy, of course! Hope you get to make some amazing things with that yarn! Julie Ann xx #42

  6. I am awake earlier than I need to be so finally just gave up and got my computer. So glad I did. What a lovely way to start the day! Your vacation pix are lovely….the beach at rush hour looks perfect, as does the small “cottage”. I could be happy there I’m sure. And the description of the yarn shop sounded so inviting…anything with alpaca and cashmere…on sale even…sounds luscious. Here in Alaska we’re doing our annual August/September imitation of Noah’s flood. We wonder if it will stop long enough for us to mow our lawns before it turns to snow. I can’t quite decide if I should wish you happy fall, or relief from the heat, so I’ll just say have a great week.
    Sara j #56

  7. Hi Brenda, loved your super newsy post. That wool shop sounds a joy to visit and I love your choice of yarn, especially the one you are going to knit a shawl for yourself with – a real touch of luxury. Your holiday photos are brilliant. Like the one of the kayaks – would I be right in assuming you had the red one and Andrew the blue :) And I may not be a beer drinker, but that glass looks so tempting in that shot. Thanks for sharing. Have a great week. Elizabeth x #55

  8. yep.. very nice and I can see me living in that lovely huge yellow cottage too! looks so nice there.
    Thanks for letting me peek into your world for a min. Roberta 6

  9. Fantastic photos of a beautiful place…no wonder you had such a fab holiday! And that yarn is gorgeous, I’m such an addict these days….how much yarn can one woman use??! Lol
    Hugs, LLJ 54 xx

  10. Fab post, Brenda! That part of MI is beautiful. I’d forgotten what a pretty blue the lake can be. Thanks for sharing your pics! Pretty yarn can’t wait to see how the finished pieces turn out. A bit late with my… Happy WOYWW! Nan G #92

  11. Hi Brenda, I am still keen to have a go and paint your beautiful lake sunset. I will download the image from you blog and see how it goes. cheers Sandra

  12. I would like to know where I have been. I will have to admit the last two months have been a blur but still! Love your pictures, That picture of the beer is amazing. And kid – you look wonderful!

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