Traffic Light Tomatoes

I was struck by the colours of my sliced, homegrown tomatoes whilst camping at the weekend, reminded me of a traffic light, only I didn’t get the colours in the right order!

From the top…. Golden Jubilee, Indigo Rose and Green Zebra.  Paired with some cheese slices and fresh Rosemary Sourdough from the market, they made a mighty tasty lunch.

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5 thoughts on “Traffic Light Tomatoes

  1. Fabulous B! What amazing colours too. Made your apple sauce cake today – official tasting takes place tomorrow but it smelt lovely, seems so moist and the little bit of mixture left that I snaffled a taste of was loverly – isn’t a sneak taste of cake mix the best :) Will report back – I had to beat the two-legged mouse off whilst it was cooling :)

    Hugs, Di xx

  2. You love to do this to me — I love anything you post about food. This does sound so good. And those tomatoes look wonderful. We had way too much rain this summer and did not get a single tomato from our garden.Sandy

  3. OOh Brenda..sourdough and be one of the best ever food combos…be still my heart! Toms just add to the beauty..and these really are beautifl aren’t they..presume they have subtle taste differences too?

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