What’s On Your Workdesk Wednesday ~ 228

Wednesday, the middle of the week.  Time for our world wide crafty desk hop hanging on to the coat tails of Julia from the Stamping Ground blog.  I’m a bit more untidy than I was last week, you all thought my desk was way too tidy, don’t think you can level that accusation at me this week!

The card I was working on last week was finished and posted here, but I haven’t cleared anything up yet so a lot of the clear stamps over at the top left are from that.  The mat has some left overs from a Halloween card I made (that was posted earlier today), so there’s stamps, paper, twine and ink lying about from that.  The pile of Christmas cards from last week is still there, I did manage to print out the inserts for them but need to stick them inside.  You might spot two odd looking spherical things that look a bit like large salt and pepper pots!  I was in Michael’s last week (buying trimmer blades so nothing exciting) when I spotted two pots of decoupage glue/sealer on clearance, so at half the price of a bottle of mod podge, I snapped them up.  I’m hoping they’ll be just the ticket for sealing the carousel I showed you last week.  It’s now had three coats of paint and is ready for the next stage, I need to decide what papers to use with it.

We had a stunning Autumn weekend here and I’m going to share with you just one of the many tree photos I took at a local park last Saturday as it’s so beautiful.

I’ll bid you adieu on that note!  Enjoy your desk hopping.

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16 thoughts on “What’s On Your Workdesk Wednesday ~ 228

  1. OOOH I do love autumn Brenda….these trees are stunning. You seem pretty organised with your Christmas card if you’re up to putting in the centres…I’ve still got to make about 20. Cheers RobynO#34

  2. What a beautiful tree. Superb colour. Oh your desk is lovely too. Thanks for linking me. You did it before I posted so I’m on there twice. He he.
    Sam x

  3. oh wow, that tree is just stunning! you could never share too many pics of trees in autumn colours for me! The desk still doesn’t look messy to me!! but hey, maybe I’m just really untidy (yes, I am!) have a great week. Helen 13

  4. OMG, that tree is fantastic, especially with the blue sky behind it. I could sit and gaze at that picture all day long……..
    After you’ve used up all that bargain splodgey stuff, you’ll have to use those cute little roundy jars for something. They’re too nice to throw away :-)
    Hugs, LLJ 3 xx

  5. WoWza – look at that tree !!!! How awesome. Thanks for showing me that. :-) We just get brown and crispy here in Greece :-(

    Happy WOYWW228

    IKE in Greece #94

  6. Hi Brenda
    your desk is looking good this week not too much out of place but signs of some serious crafting having taken place.
    Then you give us that most beautiful tree photo, I love autumn for all the different colours our trees go through. Stunning
    Happy WOYWW have an enjoyable week hugs Ria #22

  7. Wow that tree is Fabulous! It is raining, windy, sunny, windy – take your pick!! We have an oak tree at the back of the house so every now and again it sounds like machine gun fire here! Love Autumn though.
    Hettie 91

  8. You guys are so lucky, Brenda! If I lived in a place where trees turned into jaw-dropping masterpieces of autumn color, I’m sure the Playhouse would be closed and shuttered for the duration as I just walked and drove around gaping! How blessed you are! Enjoy them while you have them and TFS for those of us who don’t!! Happy Belated WOYWW and thanks, too, for the visit to me! Hugs, Darnell #57

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