Trees, Glorious Trees

Just a few more amazing photos from our trip kayaking the other weekend.  This seems to have been our last really lovely weekend weather wise, well, at least warm weather wise!  This week we have overnight lows just managing to dip below freezing for the first time this autumn, and the heating is well and truly on now!





This is the tree I showed you a close up of last Wednesday, the one that almost had Darnell packing her bags to move to Michigan!



I neglected to mention that the forecast for later this week also has the word “snow” in it….. they better be wrong!



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7 thoughts on “Trees, Glorious Trees

  1. You have just started a big discussion in our house about the ‘a’ word bbbbrrrrrrrrr. We have it forecast for Wednesday – arrrgggggg
    Lovely trees xxxx

  2. Beautiful trees such amazing colours, but the below freezing you can have that all for yourself. We are now in spring and starting to enjoy the few beautiful warm days.

    Thanks for sharing

    Hugs Eliza

  3. Glorious indeed. I am not a fan of autumn but this year in Scotland has been so beautiful even I am enjoying it, not too cold, lots weak sun and the colours are spectacular. Snow, thats a different thing altogether, don’t like snow at all.

  4. Hi Brenda

    Long time – no visit – no blogging!!! Hope you are well.

    WOWOW those trees are absolutely stunning and show off mother nature at her very best!!! Just beautiful pictures…

    I can’t believe your dipping below zero already… and even saying the ‘s’ word!!! Hope they’re not right in their forecast for you!!! Anyway, the trees can’t have snow on them – it’ll ruin their looks!!!

    Glad you got some kayaking in before it does start to turn.

    Take care – love and hugs
    Paula x x x

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