What’s On Your Workdesk Wednesday ~ 231

Morning/afternoon/evening everyone.  It’s Wednesday somewhere right?  And Wednesday means What’s On Your Workdesk Wednesday with Julia and the Deskhoppers!  Sounds like a bad vocal group from the sixties!

So my desk this week, photo taken on Sunday afternoon during the daylight, which was quite a nice day actually.  I’ve only been back in there to tidy up and put away the things that were in use here.


What’s going on here is lots of stamping of Lili of the Valley images for another WOYWWer, they’re now all packaged up and winging their way over to Canada as we speak.  There’s also a few cards at the back that I made at the weekend, some stamp cleaner, and not a lot else really!

Chin, chin!  That’s me this week, no updates on knitting yet, our clocks changed at the weekend and I’ve been feeling really tired because of it.  The TV has been good company this week in the evenings!

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34 thoughts on “What’s On Your Workdesk Wednesday ~ 231

  1. I couldn’t get a very good look but from what I can see I really like that Reindeer card which stamp did you use for it? it looks like he is flying.

    Hugs Eliza & Yoda (no number yet)

  2. Nice light bright desk. We are tired here too. I haven’t forgotten your sock pattern, trying to get an electronic version as mine is all written on
    Famfa x

  3. Gorgeous Christmas cards, you have a fantastic Christmas stamp collection!
    I have been feeling the adverse effects of the clocks changing too, I always think I am going to be great this time of year after all we gain an hour. I forget that we are going to bed an hour later, I am not good with that! Hope we are both back on track by the weekend!
    Happy Bonfire night BTW! We are celebrating this weekend with our annual party! It is getting bigger every year and is so multinational, everyone loves it!
    Debxx #3

  4. Lovely cards, I love the Christmas tree one. Seeing all these cards on the blogs is making me feel guilty, because I haven’t even started any yet. Goodness knows when I’ll get the time to do any.
    Have a great week creating.
    Von #25

  5. Holy Stack of stamped images you wheren’t kidding when you said you stamped alot !!! and I will be stalking my mailman. Your Christmas cards look so elegant with the inkadinkadoo stamps :) Happy WOYWW hugs Nikki 33

  6. I love your cards, Brenda..the simple and elegant style really floats my boat…they would be the ones I’d buy to send to my nearest and dearest!
    The hour change always affects me too, more so when it goes back and you get another hour’s kip..odd that. I much prefer when they go forward. There’s no rhyme nor reason to that, it just is!!
    Hugs, LLJ 58 xx

  7. Hi there I really like your cards. Wish my desk was as neat. Think the hour change is affecting me as well.Happy WOYWW Anne x

  8. Hello, me again! The two very ancient books are an 18th century copy of Aesop’s Fables that a very esoteric friend gave us for a wedding present (!!) and Marie Stopes’ Married Love that we found clearing out my mother in law’s stuff after she died…the two small bibles are for my good attendance and behaviour at Sunday School..it’s been a swift downward slope ever since then, lol! I’d just taken all the stuff off a bookshelf before we moved it to another room.
    Btw, the garter gag is the front runner at the moment ;-)
    LLJ xx

  9. Happy WOYWW, so tidy! I don’t think you should publically admit to stamping images for someone else though (just saying – been looking at a lot of angel policies lately)! Anyway my desk is a shambles right now!
    Cazzy x #83

  10. Whoa! You have quite the pile (piles?) of LOTV stamps. They are so fun. I think your jars on teardrop shaped inkpads look so neat on your desk but I wonder if they are easily accessible? I think they look good though, artsy. I really like the Christmas stamps you’ve used on the cards sitting up there. Very nice.

  11. Beautiful cards and stamps. I have been tired this week too even tho we had an extra hour. In fact I don’t think I’ve woken up yet!
    Have a happy week
    Lynda B #34

  12. Ooh, it looks like a very productive desk, Brenda! I’m curious – what do you use the shaving brushes for?

    Thanks for all of your supportive messages while I have been moving – they have really helped xx

  13. Telly has been my evening companion for the last 5 weeks though at last Mr FF is starting to talk about coming home. Have a good week, hope your body clock adjusts soon.

  14. Lots of christmas goodies out on your desk. I haven’t even started this year!!! I notice a little sunflower on your window sill. The one that moves with sunlight? My sister just gave me one I have sitting on my sill in the kitchen. :-) Brigita #114

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