What’s On Your Workdesk Wednesday 242

Hello All – Different week, same mess I think.  Actually no, that’s a different mess, but it’s still a mess.  I did get a bit of crafting in at the weekend, what’s on the desk bears witness to that with stamps, papers, scissors, punch, bits and pieces and two cards sitting there too.

I seem to have turned into a  weekend crafter, at least in the paper crafting dept anyway.  The mid-week days have become unbearably busy and tiring, the drive to and from work has become unbearably slippery, icy and time consuming.  The upshot of it is, I seem to only craft on a Saturday or Sunday at the moment, although I do manage to snatch a bit of knitting in the evenings a few times a week.  We’re also back in the deep freeze as I type this on Tuesday evening, -17C (1F) heading for an overnight low of -21C (-6F), and I welcome it!  Yes, really I do!!  Very dry air means very dry roads for a few days, so today was my first normal drive to and from work in 8 days!

I have a question for you too!  I bought a set of used, mixed stamps on Ebay and I don’t know the names or manufacturer of them, so I wondered if anyone recognised these stamps?  Not the one crossed out in red, I know that’s Crafter’s Companion, but does anyone know the others?  They’re all clear polymer stamps.  **EDIT** Miss Marple herself has been on the case, and I now know the snowman is Inkadinkado Filigree Snowman and the little girl bottom right is Nellie Snellen “Sharing A Biscuit”.  The two top left are quite possible, Molly Blooms stamps, and I have to admit they do look like that style.

I must apologise for not getting round to see many of you last week, work was very busy and tiring and I worked through most of my lunch breaks which is prime commenting time for me!  Hopefully things will be better this week.  And if you’re wondering why I’m sharing my desk with you, you can find all the details here.  Chin, chin!

17 thoughts on “What’s On Your Workdesk Wednesday 242

  1. Hi, the snowman, top right, looks as if it might be Inkadinkadoo , and the little girl, bottom right, might be Lily of the Valley, but I’m not a hundred percent certain about either of them. Good luck.

  2. Yup, the snowman top right IS Inkadinkado from the ‘Filigree Snowman’ set. The little girl at bottom right is a Nellie Snellon stamp called ‘Sharing a biscuit’. No idea about the two top left ones – the boy is a bit like Molly Bloom’s ‘George’ but more than that me don’t know.

    Signed, Miss Marple – Super Sleuth xx

  3. Sorry, I can’t help with the naming of those stamps. I have at least one I cannot identify either. I am actually moving out all the Clarity things I love and want to get at. The idea is that I shall be so frustrated at having to go out of the room to get the stamps I want that I shall be super fast in getting the rest of my things sorted to create room to bring my favourites back into a proper storage place, close at hand. Let’s see how that idea works. xx Maggie #21

  4. I love those snowflakes on far left of shot…I think you’ve got the right idea making Christmas cards while the weather is still so cold! Even the thought of -17 is making me feel freezy…it’s about 6C here today. Hopefully you’ll be wearing all those lovely socks you’ve knitted recently and Andrew’s cowl is keeping his neck warm!!
    Good luck with the stamp Quest :-)
    Hugs, LLJ 38 xx

  5. I can’t help you on the last too I’ve seen that style before but can’t remember where
    and the cupcake it did become a CAS card seems to be my style at the moment :) hugs Nikki 20

  6. Sorry, can’t help with the stamp makes, it takes me all my time keeping track of all mine, made harder by the fact that I take them out of the packaging. Thanks for welcoming me back, it’s been a while but very good to be back amongst ‘friends’.
    Ann B

  7. Sorry I can’t help with the make of stamps – but they are certainly fun, whoever made them! Trust your drive to work continues dry so it is a good run. -17 is pretty cold!! We haven’t had a winter yet here in Britain – just an incredible amount of rain – but we NEED low temperatures – get rid of the bugs and stuff!
    Have a special week.
    Margaret #7

  8. Sorry can’t help you with the stamps, I wish our weather would stay cool, another heatwave next week. Make sure you take care on those icy roads. Thanks for stopping by and your comment, the catalogue still has a way to go, then it’s to the computer to create index etc, which is not bad. Hope you have a fab week, happy crafting. Hugs DeDe #16

  9. I would find the journey very stressful…and then spending all day waiting to drive back again..not fun, I thank god you’re a competent and able winter driver, so many people aren’t! Your desk llloks a haven of calm which is prolly just what you need by a weekend. As for the stamps, I recognise the cheery snowman as inkadinkado, and the bottom right is a Nelly-something…I’m sorry, Im not very good at cute so can’t even remember the full name. But you prolly know all this by now..I’m on my phone and reading through the omcments is just torture, so I haven’t!

  10. Well, it looks like you have lots of fun coloring ahead of you. I can’t help with the stamp names, don’t know any of those. But I like the fun of trying to solve the mystery so I read all the comments to see. Good luck on tracking down the last ones. Susanne #66

  11. Hello there Weekend Crafter. I too am not seeing much of my desk in the week, as I have my quilting out on the dining table I tend to work on that instead, which is good as I need quilts for the Exhibition later this year.
    Love those stamps. Isn’t ebay wonderful?

  12. Well done getting some crafting done over the weekend, I am the opposite although I am finding it increasingly difficult getting any crafting done weekdays too due to the numerous car rides to get my youngest kids to and from places!
    Gorgeous card at the back and I see you are still into Christmas! I usually need to take a break by now although I will soon be back to some Christmas creating!

    Good luck naming your stamps, I don’t recognize them.

    have a great week, Debxx

  13. not sure I can help identify the stamps, sorry! Hope your journey to and form work isn’t too treacherous , the ice sure is nasty stuff! Just trying to play catch up on desks, but must rush now or I’ll be late for work…. Helen 23

  14. I didn’t take part this week as I wasn’t prepared what with moo going but I’m sure I will be back to normal next week. Your desk is nicely colourful, and the stamps are lovely.
    I am keeping busy without moo so far, busy planning trip to uk. Lots to see and do. I’m glad we brought the two mild winters with us, if we had this winter the first year I may have turned right around and gone back home. It is almost unbearable but not quite, luckily we have good heating and although I don’t like to hide away, I don’t have to go out too much. Opening the door to let kids out is cold enough!!
    Stay warm x

  15. Although I was number 1 last Wednesday, I seem to have fallen into a deep dark corner, much like your drive home each work day. It’s really cold here, too, and I can’t motivate myself to make much of anything these days. At least not until the temps are above freezing.

    You are wise to make Christmas cards. Not only is the weather conducive, but you will be ahead of the game when it comes to December. Happy, very very belated WOYWW.

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