What’s On Your Workdesk Wednesday ~ 244

Wednesday once more, actually Tuesday where I am but are we splitting hairs?  Whatever day of the week you call it, it’s the day to join Julia on her weekly desk tour of the globe.

I don’t have a desk this week, it’s untouched from this time last week as I’ve been quite severely afflicted with sock knitting fever!  Or at least it seems that way!  This is what I’ve got going on at the moment..

Not one, not two but three pairs of socks!  The one on the left was knitted at work during lunch breaks, its pair will be knitted in the same manner.  The one in the middle is for a sock challenge (who knew such things existed??) and is ready for the heel to be worked.  The one on the right is for Andrew and has been knit here and there between the other projects.  Yeah I know, three pairs at once!

And then there’s these, my first pair of lace socks, finished last Thursday evening, these were also for a sock challenge!

So what’s the cause of this knitting frenzy you ask?  The weather I’m afraid.  As you know it’s been pretty bloody cold in these parts in January, and very snowy too, 40″ worth.  And so far February has added another 6″ to the pile with more tonight and tomorrow.  I peek in at my desk, bereft of activity, when I come in from work and I feel sad.  I then think about the warm fire downstairs, the hot tea waiting for me and the socks I could be knitting by the warm fire and I’m afraid there’s just no contest!  This is what it looks like outside right now, well on Sunday at any rate..

That’s a nice little snow pile behind me, it’s about bust height and I’m 5ft 5″.  Of course, it’s not all fallen snow, it’s also been shoveled, or blown, off the driveway, but it’s getting to the point where we can’t actually throw the snow over it if we’re shoveling by hand, and the long range forecast for February is just more of the same.

But you’ll have to excuse me for now, the socks are calling!

31 thoughts on “What’s On Your Workdesk Wednesday ~ 244

  1. Clever clever sock lady. Sock challenges are fabulous and to knit three at the same time. I give you a challenge. Use two circular needles – so much easier than four dpns (and I’m new to socks!). I linked you, you are no6 (again!?). Love your lace socks, our new one for this month is a heart one, looks complicated x

  2. You made me laugh when I read about a sock challenge. I think those needles in the center sock look like pick up sticks.

    I am quickly joining your world of white. At least this is our first round of snow in several rounds that have come before us. I fear most of the country will be snowed in before it’s all said and done.

    Happy WOYWW from #1.

  3. Never heard of a sock challenge before, but i live in a county that doesn’t have cold like you have, yes we have snow but you have to travel 4.5 hours up to the hills to get some and only in winter for a short month. We are experiencing some really hot weather atm, I am finding it really lovely to warm the bones, sometimes a little too hot. Thanks for sharing your snow photos, I really find it fascinating to see what others are experiencing.

    Hugs Eliza & Yoda 12
    Happy WOYWW

  4. Great clear pictures on your post!
    Well all that snow ! What a lot you have had, take care and stay in the warm and knit socks!
    Jackie 10

  5. It’s finally getting cooler here, 30 degrees this morning. Nice to have a freeze finally. Maybe snow on the weekend. Your socks look very warm and you painted a very cozy picture. Have a great week. I hope you get a bit of a break.

  6. Hi Brenda, well I’m not surprised there’s sock challenge..but I must say your pink lace socks are gorgeous, well done. I have tackled socks many moons ago when we lived in the cold and my hubby had them for inside his boots when riding his motorbike… can’t get him anywhere near a cold climate now..so we just have to contend with cyclones. :-) Have a great week, cheers RobynO#16

  7. So many socks. Hope you get all the pairs made up or they;ll be 3 lonely socks… We’re as sick of the wind and rain as you are with the snow, but I’m not offering to swap!! Happy WOYWW.. Helen 7

  8. Oh goodness, I think I would need twenty pairs of socks on if I were in that snow, brrr. They sure do look nice and warm and snuggly though. You are so clever to knit socks, I hate to imagine how they would look if I tried to knit some :)
    Have a great week and keep warm, should I mention it’s 30 deg C here (he he).
    Von #30

  9. OMGoodness I can see why you knit socks … with weather like that I would never venture out. Lovely to see a pic of you braving the weather.
    Sandra @59

  10. I get it. The fire, the company and the sock thing. Well, not the sock thing, but the crafting in front f the fire. It’s about all your fit for isn’t it after a day of fighting blizzard conditions to and from work. How you manage three different patterns at once is impressive…I’d definitely get them muddled and have to think very hard each time I picked up the needles!

  11. *Sings* Dont know how to say it, I’m addicted to socks!
    (Apologies to Robert Palmer….!)
    I often have three or four things on the go at any one time, so good on you girl. Love the different colours and looks of them all. Good luck in the challenge :-)
    Hugs, LLJ 33 xx

  12. Fab socks. I tried to knit a pair, finished one but the other is still on the needles and I’m scared to pick I tip as I can’t remember where I was up to – well it is a year ago. Full of admiration for you.
    Happy Wednesday.
    Ann B

  13. Hi socks are fab and I don’t blame you sitting by the fire knitting. It’s cold,wet, windy and grey here in UK. Would like a bit of snow actually – as long as it doesn’t last too long :-) Anne x #63

  14. What absolutely gorgeous socks, Brenda. I love the colours. Lace socks are certainly ambitious! It’s years since I’ve knitted a sock. I made some long ones with fishes around the tops for my brother-in-law to wear while fishing, but his dog ate one of them…

    Hope you are surviving the snow. I wish we could have snow for a change because all we get down here in Devon is rain.

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi #100

  15. You are so right, there is no contest, and I don’t even knit! Nor do I do more than one thing at a time and even then I need a hamster in my head to keep me from going off target! Well done with the beautiful socks and your pretty pose in front of the ridiculous amount of snow! (Yes, I’m glad I left Iowa!) Here, it’s just the opposite as we are in a dangerous drought EXCEPT, praise be, it has started to rain and we are rejoicing. Weather is always contrary, isn’t it!

    Hang in there, summer will come calling and in the meantime, you’ll be well set with socks!! Hugs, Darnell (Not WOYWWing.)

  16. Thanks for knitting my pattern! Please make sure to put up some pictures of your finished Raspberry Twist” socks. I also have at least three pair of socks going.

  17. Thanks for your visit and your very kind comments about my Dad, Brenda. I found that the way we honoured him during the funeral has really helped me come to terms with it all, and I feel so close to him now. As for my untidy work space, you wouldn’t recognise it now – I’ve had a real blitz this weekend and it all looks very organised now, but for how long, I couldn’t say! I’ve really enjoyed spending several sessions of creativity this weekend, and I intend to continue this as I’ve really missed it!

    Hope you have a great week.

  18. Perfect snow day activities! We had our first sprinkling last night but nothing like the snowfall from last year. I’ll swap you gale force winds and grey skies in an instant!
    I adore those stripy socks, great colours!

  19. They really are spuer socks but my knitting has to be “brainless” stuff that I can do whilst travelling etc. No counting or needing to keep my eyes on it.
    The Noro yarn is too scratchy for socks I’d say but for garments and scarves it is lovely and really softens with a wash or two. It’s all the natural fibres in there such as raw silk.
    Jo x
    PS you can keep the snow but I could do with sharing some of the gales we are having!

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