What’s On Your Workdesk Wednesday 247

What indeed, I don’t even have a work desk this week, I have a chair!  Even though I’ve been making cards again, I can’t show anything until this weekend as it’s for a Design Team!  So after a number of weeks of not having an interesting desk, I actually do have an interesting desk this week but I can’t show it to you!!  Yes I know, it’s called irony, lol!

So I thought I’d sow you this instead, my set up in the family room where I like to sit and knit!

What you have here is a nice, comfy chair with a couple of cushions, a foot stool to pop my feet on, a nice rug in case my legs get a bit chilly, a side table for my bits and pieces and really good light directly overhead!

Here’s my side table:

On there is my current pair of socks, a tape measure, knitting needles in their packet, a knitting magazine to browse through, a ladybird row counter (you press down on its black head and it indexes the count up!), my pattern, which is propped up by a box of tissues behind it and my knitting bag. The blue tin belongs to Andrew, I can’t even recall what it’s for, but it’s useful for to put stuff on it and it stops my pattern falling forward too.

And yes, I know you’re going to ask, that is a piece of thick wooden doweling at the end of the sofa!  Andrew has strained his shoulder shoveling snow and found some exercises online that include twisting a certain way whilst holding the doweling.  He says it’s helping!

Finally, this is my current project, another lace pattern:

And talking of socks, this is how the blue ones turned out, I finished them last Saturday.

Regina asked me in a comment last week how long it takes to knit a pair.  Of course, they all vary, depending on the complexity of the pattern and the spare time I have available.  Some days I can knit for an hour after work, some days I get no knitting time at all, but on average, a pair like these will take about 3 weeks from start to finish, but I have no idea of exactly how many hours I’m talking about.  I can do a plain pair in just two weeks, which is a lot quicker than when I first started, but still a lot slower than some people I know.  I’m sure if I had nothing else to do and didn’t have to go to work, I could knit a pair in just a few days.

As usual, head off to Julia’s for all the details about What’s On Your Workdesk Wednesday.  I’ll catch you on the hop no doubt!  Well, hopefully I won’t but you know what I mean, lol!

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27 thoughts on “What’s On Your Workdesk Wednesday 247

  1. My goodness, what a comfy set up you have. No wonder you are getting so much done. I love the color of the socks on the needles. Very pretty. Mother Nature is certainly giving you reason to keep the needle work coming. Do you think you will ever see spring? We are promised rain again, starting tomorrow. I must add that promise has passed us by several times, so I’m not holding my breath. Looking forward to seeing your DT cards….Have a wonderful week.

  2. Wow, that sounds like a long time to knit anything, but I think that’s partly why I quit knitting and crocheting. I am an instant gratification gal when it comes to art.

    Hope your hubby feels better soon. I can empathize, since I’m the only person in my house who shovels. I’ve tried to get Bleubeard to do it, since he’s good at shoveling his poop, but he gets wet feet and refuses to go out in the snow.

    I always love seeing a different kind of desk and this one fit the bill nicely. Happy WOYWW from #1.

  3. What more could one ask for, that chair looks so inviting, only problem is I’d probably fall asleep in it. Have a great week and happy WOYWW
    DeDe #14

  4. 3 weeks is still faster than me…cos even though I tried my hand at the dreaded sewing machine this week-end, I can’t, won’t ever try knitting…school knitting killed it for me! More holes in my stuff than wool. Mom always had to rescue me.

  5. Your living room looks very cosy (and tidy!) Maybe this year I will sort out… heck no, who am I kidding! I’m just messy. Have a great week – hope the snow has finally gone so poor Andrew can stop shovelling and hurting his back! Helen 16

  6. I have much the same setup! Comfy sofa, basket of yarn by my side, a coffee table to out my mug on, a crocheted throw when it’s chilly and a really good overhead light for ageing eyes!!
    Love your blue socks btw…do you have to hand wash them? I admire your tenacity in making them, really do :-)
    Hugs, LLJ. 44 xx

  7. With nothing else to do and no work to go to, you prolly wouldnt need the knitty therapy! I DID notice the big piece of dowelling, mainly because I feel like you beat me up with it in your comment to the WOYWW Housekeeping post! I had no idea that Blogger demanded the same details from WP users as WP does from Blogger…the whole point of the post was to find out these things..but you have to admit, whichever way roundit doesn’t make them any less irritating does it! And the hoops you jump through to comment are admirable; yes, I disabled anonymous comments after realising that 30 odd minutes of deleting spam every day was a waste of even my unproductive time!
    I like that you park under a really good lamp – me too, I’m blind as a bat in normal lamplight these days..task lighting all the way here. From the gloom on the other side of the room, Miss D accuses me of sitting ‘in the spotlight’!!

  8. Great knitting space, I to have some needlework stuff beside my chair but since doing damage to my arm DeDe wont let me crochet ATM she says I need to mend boo hoo. I just crochet blankets for the hospital nothing like your lovely socks. I love the lime color you are doing them in, lovely.

    Have a great crafting week and hopefully next week we can see what you have been hiding.

    Hugs Eliza & Yoda 52
    Happy WOYWW

  9. Love those blue socks. They look cosy. The pattern on the green looks pretty too.
    You will always be quicker than me on the knitting front. I have a jumper on the go that I started last year. However with me it depends what else I have going on!

  10. Funny, I was considering whether to join in this week and thought ‘well there is nothing on my desk, I could take a photo of the sofa where I sit each night knitting – ha you beat me to it. Your socks are fabulous. That looks a tricky pattern. At the end of our sofa you would have seen a yoga mat as huffle is also doing exercises for ‘over shovelling’. What a pair! X

  11. A good film at the same time, Brenda?? Your knitting looks great – and three weeks doesn’t sound very long if some days you don’t manage to do any at all.
    Well done – stay cosy and enjoy.
    Margaret #59

  12. Love that lacy pattern that you are doing now. What a great talent. I never learned knitting, but took up crocheting. Somehow, it was easier for me. Haven’t done that in years either! :) #85

  13. Hi Brenda, that really does look like a very cosy and comfy corner … perfect when you can’t get to your craft desk … or when it’s too cold to contemplate anything other than curling up with a good pattern :) Elizabeth xx #72

  14. Thank you for stopping in. I didn’t get to see anyone till now. We had to take my daughters dog back to Columbus ( a 3hour drive to have his staples out and 3 hours back ) it kinda killed the day you can say. But I got a pack of new markers.. oh I’m so bad! I love the green and the socks are still perfect .. Im old school and love long socks! Bert # 37

  15. What a nice, comfy knitting corner! I keep thinking I’ll try socks but I haven’t as of yet. I do own some sock yarn though — what size needles do you use? My knitting time is usually in the evenings while watching t.v. but since the new seasons are starting here I need to be more focused on what I’m watching rather than my knitting.

    Your sock are amazing — I love the blue pair and can’t wait to see the lace pair once done.

    Happy belated WOYWW
    Kay (5)

  16. It’s great to see another of your work spaces and I love the refreshing nature of the fact that you snapped it as-is instead of styling (i think we sometimes do each other a disservice by making all our photos unrealistically pretty when life looks just wonderful in its own organic way).
    Your socks look fantastic and I love that springy shade of green you’re working with :)

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