Sitting around at work, killing a bit of time before you can leave, I made up a list of things to get done this weekend. It included the usual stuff like cutting the grass, tidying up and going to the post office etc, what it didn’t include was “sit yourself down at the pc on a nice sunny day and start a blog”. Nope, didn’t have that one on my list, yet here I am, writing my first post of my brand new blog! I don’t know exactly how it happened, it just did, one of lifes little mysteries I suppose. I’ve always been a fairly keen reader of blogs, mainly in the UK, I think they filled a hole for me, being an ex-pat and all, but I’d never really considered joining in at all. I maintain a website, which has a month by month journal, only I noticed each month had grown from a small, synopsis paragraph into a flaming big monologue of the months activities. So here I am, maybe it’s not so surprising after all.