Tomorrow is my company’s Christmas do….. a long way adrift from the small gatherings at a carvery pub or some such back in England in days of yore. Oh no, this is no carvery, take your chance kind of affair. This is a huge event with months of planning and internal advertising to get the masses to attend and make all the months of planning and internal advertising worthwhile! For a start it’s held here, The Rock Financial Showplace! There’s no hotel in the region that could accommodate our numbers you see, and the banquet centers around here would have to give us every room they’ve got available, and that’s a bit too much like putting all your baubles in one basket, so we end up hiring a good portion of a convention center.

Then there’s the menu to choose from (ahead of time), a beef dish, a chicken dish, a fish dish and a vegetarian dish for the main meal, plus appetizers, sides and desserts. A free coupon for one alcoholic beverage per person too, only one mind you, can’t have the company pay for you to get drunk now can we??

And the burning question in my mind…. how to you manage to keep the seething masses entertained for four hours? So, we start the night off with socializing and wandering appetizers before sitting down to dinner. As dinner starts we will be amazed and entertained by professional ballroom dancers who will give us an exhibit of their skills. Once dinner is finished, you can have a one on one lesson with a dancer if so desired before they open up the floor to all who want to attempt the fine art of ballroom dancing. At some point there will be some drawings for rather nifty door prizes, apparently things like Canon digital cameras and iPods are usually on offer, so fingers crossed for some good luck. At 10pm the DJ cranks up the volume until midnight, but if that isn’t your scene perhaps we’ll find you in one of the smaller rooms that will be set up for us, playing darts, pool, shuffle board and other such games. Oh! And I haven’t even mentioned the karaoke!!

Incredible really, I’ve never been to a party on this scale before, and I have to admit that I’m going more out of curiosity than anything else! So, how many bodies you ask? Well this is a large company so how many do you think? What’s that? 200 you said? Remember spouses and partners can go too…. 400 then? No, no, think LARGE company! 500 then? 550 maybe????

Shall I put you out of your misery and tell you???

OK then, it’s……

746!!! Do you need me to repeat that?? Seven hundred and forty six people!

I know! That’s not a party, that’s a convention! I’ll let you know how it went next week…..