We had our first major storm of the winter season in the early hours of Sunday morning.  We’ve had an inch or two here and there prior to this, nothing to write home about though.  For the last 10 days we’ve also been catching the very edge of the ice storms that have been pounding the middle of the country, but thankfully without the havoc usually associated with a storm of that nature; mainly we’ve had to deal with freezing rain or drizzle, the odd bit of sleet or a few snow showers.  We’ve often been above freezing too and instead of the freezing rain, we’ve had ordinary rain… which would then freeze overnight so I’ve had a few slippery journeys to work.

From last Wednesday though they were talking about this storm developing over the weekend, 4″ – 7″ of snow they said.  Trouble is, you never know what to believe do you?  I mean, weather forecasters are likely to state the worst case aren’t they?  If they say 4″ and we only get 1″, that’s OK.  But if they said 1″ and we get 4″, well that’s a different story isn’t it?  So, we went to bed with light snow falling Saturday night, thinking we’ll probably be lucky to get 4″…… and then woke up to 8″ instead.  Guess they got this storm predicted properly.  We cleared the driveway after breakfast, using the snow blower mind you!  And later we went back out about 6pm and cleared another inch or so that had accumulated, this time by hand.  We seem to have received about 9″ this time round.  Ann Arbor, where I work, came top in local totals with 10 1/2″.

Naturally by the time I had to set out for work this morning the local city hadn’t been into our street with the snow plow and so I got stuck just getting off my drive into the street!  A came and pushed me around a bit until I got into some tracks that other vehicles had made and I was able to get out of the sub-division (housing estate) and onto the main road.  Once on the main roads the journey was fine, they’d been out plowing and salting all night so it was mainly just wet with a little blown snow here and there.  Everyone just took it easy.

It is pretty though.  I especially like the way the coloured Christmas lights look on the evergreen trees when they have a covering of snow on them, and naturally the camera battery needed to be charged too so I couldn’t get any photos of it.  But take my word for it, it is pretty.