This is what we woke up to on New Years Day, 9 beautiful inches of pristine white snow. We were unfortunate this year to not have a truly white christmas, which has been our norm most years now. We’d received a good dumping a week and a half before the big day, but horrors, the Saturday before Christmas it warmed up very suddenly to the 40’sF (about 6C) and we had a day of torrential rain which put paid to the wonderful whiteness. It was actually rather dull and a little bit gray over the holiday, the kind of weather that makes you want to stay indoors with a mug of cocoa, the fire on and a good film on the TV, in fact, we did just that!

But New Years Eve late, it started snowing and we went to bed with anticipation, not just for the New Year but for a white New Year!  Later in the day, after lunch and after clearing up the driveway, we donned our walking boots and ventured out into the brilliant sunshine for our customary walk around the block and through the woods behind us.  The snow had stopped, the wind had died down, the sun had come out and there was hardly a soul to be spotted.  Bliss.  That one day made up for all the gray days that had preceded it.

[The deck. I like to state the obvious!]

[Ah! A girl and her snowblower, it’s a wonderful thing!]

[Front drive]

[Pine in the back garden, still with christmas lights]

[Back garden]

[Across the deck]

[More pines!]

It was cold today (3rd Jan), 1F or -17C when I got up at 6:30am, but yet again we’re promised a major warm up this weekend, into the 40’s, maybe even hitting 50F (10C), so forgive me for posting all these photos, but it looks like they’re the only enjoyment of the snow that I’ll get! It’s been very weird weather so far this winter. All the citrus growers were panicking in Florida last night as it was below freezing in many parts for the first time in years, widespread frosts like that can cause severe damage to their fruit crops. And where would America be without it’s morning orange juice??