Birthdays. They have a habit of coming around don’t they? I mean, I’m sure I had one about this time last year too, and yet here we are again, another birthday. It was yesterday actually and mid-week birthdays usually aren’t much fun what with having to spend the best part of the day at work. It’s also much harder having a birthday anywhere close to the Christmas period as you’ve just got back to normal after all the parties and visitors and upheaval, so you (read I) often don’t feel like going to town on the celebrations. Last year was different being a major milestone in life (yes, that’s right 30!!!!!) so some effort was extended by A to prepare a fantastic meal, and then the following weekend 8 of us went out for a lovely birthday dinner.

But back to yesterday. As I walked in the door the phone was ringing, it was A’s parents to wish me Happy Birthday. After that I then called my own family to save them sitting up for another half an hour or so waiting for the planets to align before they called, otherwise known as a 5 hour time difference! Then a hot cup of tea was then put in front of me and I was presented with a huge bouquet of flowers! After that, I attacked the pile of presents sitting on the sofa.



[With Flowers]

[Beautiful new shoes]

[New clothes]

The full list was:
Lilac fleecy pj’s
Purple heathered sweater
Purple fleece top (Had absolutely no idea I had a purple thing going!)
Blue flowered/tie died tshirt
Beige casual trousers
Chocolate fleecy shoes
Red/brown shoes (Born’s bought on sale last year)
Homemade bath salts
Tisserand organic hand balm
Badger organic sleep balm (which mysteriously is not in the main photo)
Burt’s Bees organic face cream
Exfoliating shower mitts (the bright white, bleached out thing in the photo!)
Huge card making book
Bone folder (for folding/creasing paper and cardstock)
Latest John Grisham book
Thunder Over Michigan 2006 DVD (See this post for details)

That’s quite a list, I was staggered, especially as he’d already said that it would just be an “ordinary” birthday and not to expect as much as last year. I thought that was a huge pile of lovely gifts and I was extremely happy and lucky to receive so many. But that was not all, yet again there was a special dinner prepared, here’s the menu I was handed…

[ Menu – (personalised stationary, hence the black line!)]

A lovely homemade Indian dinner with all herbs and spices roasted and ground by his fair hand. It was right up my street as I love Indian food almost as much as I love life itself! And there’s plenty left over for another day too.

I was also given money for Christmas and birthday by both sets of parents, so last Sunday I browsed JoAnn’s website for bargains and used up all my funds on crafting supplies, so some time this week there should be a big box of goodies turning up on my doorstep! The rest of the year is going to seem like a bit of a gift wasteland after this little spree!

Oh, and I almost forgot, we plan on going to the flicks tonight, not sure yet what we’ll see, but maybe I can get a discount as I’m now officially “old”!