Why is it so hard to book up two bloody airline tickets??? Because of complications with A wanting to spend an extra two weeks in England with his parents before I get there I’ve spent over 3 hours on line and on the phone just trying to come up with something suitable. It doesn’t help that from 31st March, British Airways are stopping their direct flights from Detroit to London Heathrow, and option after option that was coming up was fly West to pick up another flight to fly East and cross the Atlantic! So finally I got what we wanted, seats are available and we can book on line. Great, where do I sign. Only by the time I get through the booking process I can’t assign seats, so half an hour on the phone with Expedia, most of it on hold, and the lady can’t help me as it’s British Airways policy and BA won’t assign seats until 24 hours ahead of flying!!!!!

Grr, lots of gnashing of teeth but to no avail. So right now, A is on a direct flight to LHR in March and returns at the end of April on BA via Baltimore. I’m now on a flight in early April from Detroit to Washington then Washington to LHR and coming back on the same two flights as he is. Problem is, we’ll likely be at different ends of the bloody aircraft!

Still, at least I get to see what England is like, it’s been four years, I’ve almost forgotton. Just the car hire and some accommodation to arrange. Trying to fit in a week in The Lakes too, luckily A’s brother and his family live in Cumbria so we can tie that in with a family visit.

I need a cuppa! What a waste of a blooming afternoon. Way to go British Airways, customer service USED to be your strong point.