Barbara over at Warm Woollen Mittens did a Meme the other week. She didn’t tag anyone, but suggested to do one in return if you’d like too. So here’s mine, warts and all!! I didn’t think I’d come up with 10 things about myself, but as usual, once I get going I could go on forever! Like WWM, I won’t tag anyone else, but if you’d like to do it, link back to me so I can read it.

1. I love eating apples, but only if they’re cut up into sections. I’m the same with tomatoes. With the exception of grapes and cherry types, they have to be chopped or sliced, otherwise I won’t eat them.

2. I’ve bitten my nails since I grew my first set of teeth, but I think I’m finally winning the battle. I have a lot of will power and for the last fifteen or so years I’ve had at least eight nice fingernails. Occaisonally I have ten, as I do now, but I can’t guarantee I always will!

3. I was constantly sick with tummy bugs as a child, up until about age 15 or so. It was most likely because my hands were never out of my mouth! In my late teens I realised that I just wasn’t getting sick any more, I think I now have an iron constitution, and if I’m ever a little bit sick from something I’ve eaten, then other folks who also ate it will likely be in the hospital!

4. I love to sleep. I’m not lazy, I just like to get a good nights sleep so I often get to bed around 9:30pm. In the lighter months I wake up early and get up almost straight away, but in the darker months I need two alarms, the bedside light and the help of a husband to make it out of bed in the morning. If it’s dark outside I just don’t wake up naturally, and I’ll sleep through every alarm in the house given half a chance.

5. I’m known to be quite a confrontational person. If I’m not happy with something I’ll let you know. If you ask for my opinion you better really want it! If you yell at me I’ll yell right back, and if you get in my face I won’t back down and have been known to block your exit if you decide you’ve had enough of the “conversation”!! When I lived in England I would always be the one to complain on behalf of someone else in my party, if their food was cold in a pub or something like that. I can be incredibly caustic, but I do have a nice side too!! Really!!

6. I lost my father when I was 5 years old. He had been a coal miner and had developed silicosis and other associated lung problems. My memories of him center around visiting him in hospital, the huge oxygen tanks by the side of the bed when he was at home and playing at other friends houses a lot so he wasn’t disturbed too much. He was just 45 when he died and my Mam was left a widow at age 35 with 5 children between the ages of 5 and 15. I still miss him and I think about him, and how my life turned out because of the circumstances, a lot.

7. I love cars. My first real job was in the Engineering Department of Aston Martin Lagonda Ltd, I was in heaven. It was a brilliant place to work and I have very fond memories of the place. Now, I content myself with our two 35 year old British cars and my volunteer time as a Grid Marshall at a local race track.

8. I’m a very logical person, I’m not a typical woman at all. I tend not to be too emotional and I don’t make irrational or emotional decisions. I also don’t agree with the thinking of most women either and I’ll just as happily pick up a drill or a paintbrush as I will an iron. I think it stems from two things. First because of family circumstances I don’t consider my childhood and teenage years to have been happy, from a very young age I knew I wanted to “do something” with my life so I worked for it, planned it, thought about it and considered it constantly. I think my childhood made me very independant. The second thing is I’ve only ever worked in a male dominated environment. I’ve worked in the car industry for 22 years, 4 years in Engineering Administration and 18 years in Engineering IT, so I’ve always been surrounded by either Engineers, Analysts and Designers. I even married an Engineer, most of our friends are Engineers or in the Engineering IT field. As a general rule of thumb, I even tend to get on better with men than I do with women.

9. I don’t have any children and I’ve never wanted any. People often assume that I don’t like them but nothing could be farther from the truth, I really enjoy being around my friends kids, they’re great fun, but I’m always grateful that they go home at the end of the day! People find it very odd to realise that I’m a nurturer yet it was my choice not to breed. I even talked about it at great length before A and I got married. If he had wanted a family I don’t think I would have married him. I don’t feel like I’ve missed out on anything. A child has to come first, no matter what, I was never sure I could do that.

10. I love to eat salad, it’s one of my all time favourite things. I even eat it in the winter when it’s freezing outside. I have it for lunch usually 6 days out of 7. But the odd thing is not that I eat it, but how I eat it. I was well brought up and have great table manners, but put a bowl of salad in front of me and it’s every girl for herself! I absolutely shovel it in like there’s no tomorrow, it’s disgusting I know but I can’t help it! I stuff more in my mouth before I’ve properly chewed up and swallowed what’s already in my mouth, bits drop out and I stuff them back in!!! I mean, it’s not like anyone is going to steal my bloody salad now is it!!! I have no idea whatsoever why I react to a bowl of salad in this way, I just do!!! If you invite me over for dinner, please, please, please don’t serve me salad or I won’t be responsible for my actions!!!!

There we go, 10 things about me