Well, it seemed simple enough.  Leave work around 6 or so, call in to some friends to drop off the index cards from this post so they can be collected at the weekend, and then head home for my dinner.  At least that was the plan!  The first part went OK, I left work at 6:05pm and headed out to Brian and Judy’s.  They’re not out of my way as I drive almost right past them twice a day, but last night I got totally mixed up and turned off the main road and down Currie Road after the golf course club house.  Currie is a dirt road at this point, but that was OK, they live off a dirt road, so I drove slowly down it as it was snow packed, looking on my right for their street, but I didn’t see it.  I drove almost the length of the road and then I saw a stop sign at the end.  Hhm, Currie was about to end on another road and no Brian and Judy, so I pulled off into the entrance to a very small street of houses and called A at home and asked him to look up their phone number for me.  While I was waiting It dawned on me that I was out in the county in the middle of nowhere, in the dark, on a snow packed dirt road with fields and trees all around and hardly a house light to be seen.  So doing the “sensible” thing, I hit the door lock button!

A came back on the line with the phone number and I called them up.  Turned out I’d got my C’s mixed up, they live off Curtis, not Currie, and I should have turned right immediately before the golf course, not after it as I’d done.  So I turned around and was pulling up on their drive in a matter of minutes.  I didn’t intend to stay as it was now 6:30, I’d drop off the cards, say hello and be on my way again, so I left the car running, headlights on etc and hopped out to open the back door.  Only it was locked.  Oh, of course, I’d locked the doors when I was sitting on Currie, so I grabbed the front door handle only to find that it was locked too!  And the engine was running, and the headlights were on and my sodding car keys were in the ignition!

I had to call home and have A drive out with the spare and open the car for me.  It took him about 20 minutes and in the mean time Brian, Judy and I all had a good chat as I haven’t seen them since October, and then when A arrived we all chatted for almost another hour, catching up.  It was gone 8 when we finally left, 9 by the time we had finished dinner and then we had to move the sofa’s back in the living room as A had cleaned the carpet that day, so at 9:45pm we were humping sofa’s and coffee tables back into the room.

Like us, Brian and Judy are car nuts, we know them through the race track and they had also helped with the computerizing of the old index cards.  Since we last visited they’ve got themselves a couple of cats, brothers called Shelby and Porsche!  Shelby has a thing about womens hair, it must be all the sprays and mousses and things that we use, so he sat on the back of the sofa sniffing all over my hair, patting gently at my head with his (declawed) paw.  And then he started licking it!  I tilted my head back to see what he was doing and he decided to have a good sniff at my face too, must have been the carrot creme I use, but he soon went back to my hair.  Brian then told me that the wife of another mutual acquaintance had to put up with Shelby inspecting her hair too, only he went a bit further and started chewing on it!  Merritt jumped up in shock and left a rather startled cat behind with a few strands of her hair hanging out of his mouth!!  Luckily he didn’t chew on mine!