Last night when we went to bed it was close to 50F (9C) and raining….. when we woke up this morning it was 10F (-12C)!!  It’s also incredibly windy, it woke A up a couple of times in the night but I slept right through it, with wind chill it’s -13F (-25C) and it’s getting colder!  The wind gusts average 30mph but have been up to 50mph; lying in bed listening to the local news before I got up, it was school after school closed, mainly because of building problems, traffic lights out at many junctions, roads closed due to a combination of blockages (telegraph poles, trees etc) or dangerously slick and icy conditions conditions.  Prior to this, Monday thru Wednesday we’d had another warm up with rain which melted all the snow we’d skied on on Sunday, and then with the sudden drop in temperatures last night all that snow melt and rain froze solid.  It was a hairy drive to work this morning, but it wasn’t as bad as I expected to be honest.  When I got here I found out that the building had been without power for almost 3 hours in the early morning, two smaller buildings on our campus are still without power, and with the exception of the datacenter which has backup power, everything else went down hard.  So I spent most of my morning checking all of the computers and users were OK, some small issues, nothing major thankfully.

Looking at the forecast for the next few days, it’ll stay coldish, the wind will diminish (good!) and we’ll get some more snow but I haven’t seen anything yet about accumulations.  Perhaps we can ski again this weekend after all!