Yet another grey, overcast winter weekend, so after completing some errands and chores on Saturday I decided to spend the rest of the day making a card or two. This was my first attempt at anything other than a Christmas card and I was a bit stuck for inspiration to be honest, it’s all very well to say “I think I’ll make a birthday card for my Sister in law today”, but sitting down and staring at a blank bit of paper is an entirely different matter! Deciding what to do and where to start is the hardest part I think, once I come up with a theme I’m ok, but up til that point I sit there like an idiot staring into space. It doesn’t really help that I’ve tidied all my card making stuff up and put everything in the spare bedroom in a four drawer plastic shelving unit, so I bring a few things downstairs to work on but keep running up and down to see what else I’ve got that could be used! Not the best way of working that’s for sure!

Anyway, I found I had this little packet of Jolee embellishments of spring like light blue flowers with little darker blue jewel centers, so I thought “here’s my inspiration” and decided on a spring theme of yellow and blue as her birthday is in March. The finished card is 4″ x 6″ with three different coloured papers on the left side, one of the bouquets from the packet of embellishments on the right and three little flowers punched from some of the same blue paper already used with glitter glue centers. For the finishing touch I added a silver/blue ribbon along the bottom. I thought a bow would overwhelm the card, so I tied a small knot in the center instead.

The second card is for my niece E, who will be six in May. She’s a real girly girl and loves pink and purple and princesses and ballerinas and pretty dresses etc. She actually made it quite an easy job as her tastes are already so well defined. I’d already looked around for some small stickers to suit a card for her when I found these really cute ballerina ones, complete with a little tiara and ballet shoes for just $1.69 (about 85p). I also had some card stock in shades of purple and some other paper and card in pastel shades, including pink. The finished card is 7″ by 5″ and has little pink and lilac jewels, along with the ballet dress and the tiara, which I mounted on to more of the purple card stock and raised them off the main surface with foam sticky pads. The “birthday wishes” is stamped on more purple card and I brushed pink, lilac and purple chalks over it so it has some shimmer. Inside is a lilac panel for the writing, with a heart drawn on it and the little ballet shoes hanging off the bottom right hand side. There are also some little punched hearts and flowers scattered about inside too.

Instead of trying to take photos of them in the bad light I decided to try a “new” technique. Lottie makes ATC’s and scans them to show on her blog, so I thought I’d give that a try, I think they came out a little bright but much better than attempting to photograph them when the light levels are so low, quicker too. The only downside perhaps, is that you can’t see any “3d” effects, such as items that are raised up, but that’s a small price to pay I think.

The next card I want to make is for A’s birthday at the end of February. I’ve got two ideas so far. One I can make almost immediately, the other requires a bit of internet searching for a good picture; if I can’t find the picture then I’ll fall back on my first idea. When I do get it made I’ll make sure I scan it and put it on here.