Finally, a little colour in the house to cheer us up. The Kalanchoe (Flaming Katy) can always be relied upon at this time of year and puts out lots of nice blossoms even when I forget to water it! It’s a very beautiful, vibrant colour, somewhere between hot pink and pale orange, fading to peachy pink. This one is the mother of two other smaller ones which have also flowered for the first time this year.

And look here, do you see what I see?? Three years ago I got an amaryllis bulb from the local DIY shop, potted it up and followed instructions, hoping for a stunning spike of red flowers in time for Christmas. It didn’t care much about time and finally flowered in late January, but boy was it worth waiting for…. three stems of four heads each! 12 incredible flowers at one time. All of this effort was obviously far too much for it because it refused to flower for the next two years, but going around the house with the watering can at the weekend I spotted this new shoot which looks a lot like a flower spike to me. I’ll feed it quite heavily now with African Violet food, it’s what did the trick last time!

I’ve also been noticing quite a difference in the amount of daylight hours in a day now. It’s still light here until at least 6pm again and this morning I was struck by how light it was at 7:15am on my way in to work. The days are definitely getting longer again!