We had another birthday in our house on Saturday, this time it was A’s turn. He was lucky enough to have a beautiful weekend for us to enjoy together, (more on that another day I have loads of pics on the camera I need to upload), and we made the most of it by getting out both days for lovely walks in the sunshine. We’ve still got a bit of snow on the ground and after a week of very cold temperatures it was of the “crunchy” variety rather than the “powder” type! But the sky was blue, the days were relatively warm and the sun was warming our backs, so out we went.

Anyway back to the birthday. He’s a little hard to buy for sometimes, he likes to chose his own clothes, his musical tastes are in a fairly narrow band and he always wants to buy some obscure tool or other for some obscure task in the garage. So finding little things, extras to wrap up, is a bit of a job at times, so I was happy earlier in the year when he began making noises about having a book all about the history of TVR, so I filed the info away and started looking around. On my travels I also came across another book I liked the look of, this one more of a picture essay kind of book with a couple of paragraphs of descriptive text per page. It’s all about classic American tractors up to about 1950, and even to my untrained eye and with my “mild” grasp of mechanicals I can see that these are beautiful machines, lovingly restored and looked after and beautifully photographed.

Outside of the main cities Michigan is still very rural. Lots of people own a small holding type of property, a couple of acres, and driving around, especially in the fall, we see a lot of the older “hobby” type small farm tractors still in use on these properties; and again, they’re lovingly restored and looked after. There’s just something about them that’s very evocative, they belong to another era and they just look like they’re totally at one with the landscape, like it would be very strange not to see one…. like a farmhouse without a big old barn, there just needs to be an old Fordson or a John Deere being put to good use by the property owner, who always waves a hand in greeting as your drive by.

And as A pointed out, talk about the sublime to the ridiculous…. from tractors to TVR’s, that’s quite a leap, even for me!



Now, looking at these two books, I know which one he’d like to be driving around in, but I also know which one we could afford!!!  And it’s not the TVR!