Even more colour in the house! We have a largish standard Hibiscus that we keep on the deck all summer, but it has to come indoors in late Autumn. It doesn’t like living indoors during the winter, the air is too dry, the temperatures fluctuate a bit too much and there’s not enough light for it, even though it stands in an East facing window. We have a lot of dull, grey days in Michigan at this time of year so there’s nothing I can really do about that, but I’ve been religiously spraying it with warm water to raise the humidity levels and it’s looking much happier. It hasn’t dropped as many dry and crispy leaves as usual and a few weekends I noticed some new bright green shoots too, definitely happier. Two weekends ago I realised that the new shoots were in fact flower buds, so out came the feed again (it’s supposed to be resting!) and every time I’ve watered it in the last two weeks I’ve put in a weak liquid feed. I didn’t hold my breath though, but on Sunday it burst into flower, and this was the result.

Out on the deck the plant puts out flower after flower from June until the frosts, but each one is very short lived, usually only a day. It was the same in the house, it’s already faded and curled back up ready to drop off, but it was very beautiful and put a huge smile on my face. I’m still a long way from spring, we had another 6″ of snow on Tuesday, with a little more forecast for Friday and it’s back to -13C temperatures again. But inside it’s toasty warm and my hibiscus has started flowering again. It’s not all bad.

The Flaming Katy is still flowering her heart out, I’ve moved her to the kitchen table so we see her every day when we eat our dinner. And the amaryllis is shooting ahead, just look at this!

[Photo taken Sunday 17th Feb 2008]

[Photo taken Sunday 24th Feb 2008]