On our trips out to the Nature Center at Kensington we always take a little bag of birdseed with us. Last Sunday was no exception, the only difference was we were walking around the frozen lake instead of on the wooded trail because of the conditions. That meant that we didn’t see the bird life in the trees that we normally would, so I thought we weren’t going to get rid of the birdseed I’d carried with me for the whole walk. But coming close to the shore again to rejoin the trail we heard the very distinctive call of the little Chickadees, so I whipped the birdseed out, held out my hand and waited. It only took a couple of seconds before the little blighters started arriving, they perched themselves in the nearby bushes and took it in turns to come and feed out of my hand. And they were hungry too. It’s normally difficult to get a decent photo of them, as they flit in and out so fast that the pictures are usually blurred, but either hunger or greed, made them sit in my hand for a few seconds and try to collect up as many seeds as their little beaks could carry, and A was ready with the camera and got these fantastic shots.

Having a tiny wild bird feed from your hand is one of life’s great experiences, I would happily stand there for hours and I’m sure they would keep coming back. It’s only the Chickadees that are brave enough to take the seed from you; other birds do gather, but they sit in the trees until you’ve gone and then come and clean up any spilled birdseed. And if it wasn’t for their tiny, scratchy claws, you wouldn’t even know they had landed on you, they’re are light as a feather, a little ball of fluff on legs!