This is what we woke up to this morning, another 7″ of snow!  I decided to be wimpy prudent and not get on the roads with the rest of the idiots careful drivers and try to get to work.  I’m very lucky in as much as they give me a laptop and a cell phone and I have remote access into work from both my personal pc and the laptop, of course, that very much works in their favour when there’s a problem too and they call me for support!  But, I was grateful for it this morning, and I’ve beavered away all day spending lots of the companies money on all of our license renewals for the upcoming end of our financial year on 31 March.

The day has turned out beautifully.  The temperature dragged itself up to 0C but the sun is out and the sky is blue now the storm clouds have dissipated.  I’ll be back in the office tomorrow though, at least from my point of view it gives the local authorities the day to get the roads cleared up.

Here I am, beavering away in the study first thing this morning, forgive the old lady cardy, it was a bit chilly when I first got up!

And finally, the background on my laptop….. hands up who would rather be there???

Do you like the artfully arranged flowering plant?  I can’t take credit for it, it was put there by A this morning to bring a smile to me face!