I packed the boy off to England on Thursday night and discovered that he’s taken with him the camera, my Ipod and my laptop!!  The Ipod and the laptop I can live without (just), but the camera??  How am I supposed to blog without the camera!  Crafty so and so!

So I decided on a bit of crafty business myself and took myself up to the two big craft stores this morning for a lovely, leisurely browse round.  And came out with a few bags crammed full, which I’d be happy to show you if I had a camera, lol.  Vengeance is so sweet!  I have a few cards to make, three birthdays and two Mothers Day, so I think I’ll drag all my bits and pieces downstairs and indulge myself for the rest of the day.

Spring has decided to put in an appearance in the Great Frozen North.  I woke up yesterday and today to the birds singing away outside.  Earlier, as I got back from shopping, I noticed that my Witch Hazel was flowering in the front garden, always the first; and inside the amaryllis is starting to show the colour on the big bud, another day of two and it’ll be fully in flower.  The majority of the snow has finally left us (still time for more though!) so I think I’ll have a wander round the garden later, might even take the Christmas lights off the Cherry Tree in the front border!

Whatever you’re doing, I hope you have a great weekend.  Me, I’ve just relished the peace and quiet!!