The results of my Easter labours, two more cards, with one more that needs to be made before my trip home.

This first card is a birthday card for my Mam but it’s scanned really badly, I think because the central round panel is raised up with sticky pads, means it doesn’t lie straight on the scanning bed. As a consequence the top corner is blurred. I wanted to make her a card with pretty spring colours in it and also it had to have flowers as she loves gardening, something she’s passed on to me incidentally. I got the idea from a book, but did my own thing regarding colours and size. The flowers are hand quilled with my new fab quilling tool and fringer, but I discovered when I opened them out, that I should have set the cut on the fringer a bit deeper as I think the flowers are a bit small!

This second card is for my MIL for “American Mothers Day”. We never do English Mothers Day, mainly because it’s not on our calenders so we don’t know when it is, or we usually find out too late to do anything about it! Both of our mothers have two other children who send them Mothers Day cards and gifts on the English day, and then again in early May they get more things from us, so they actually get two Mothers Days each year.

Although this scan is much crisper than the birthday card, it really doesn’t do justice to it. It’s a concertina card and without a camera you just can’t tell, it looks very flat. But anyway, the first pic of it is the front, you can just about make out that there’s “something more” behind the front. The tulip stamp was brush inked in order to have each tulip a different colour and the stems green, I like this technique very much.

On the inside, you can see that there are two more tulip stamps, each one lies over the other when the card is closed so the recipient doesn’t realise there are three bunches of tulips until they open it up, the back panel matches the front, minus the ribbon.

Sitting making cards was a good thing to do on my detox weekend as it required very little effort and almost no movement on my part, when you’re detoxing the last thing you want to be doing is running around like a busy bee, you’ll wear yourself out in a short space of time, make yourself very hungry and it only makes the detox headache worse!   For my own mam’s Mothers Day card I need to get a photo printed before I can make it up, but I know what I want to do for her.