I’m very excited today and can’t wait for the weekend, despite the dire predictions of rain and thunder showers. Saturday marks the start of the Waterford Hills 2008 Racing Season, and for those of you who know me from other forums, I hope it explains why my screen name is Racing Girl! I’m one of the many volunteers who happily give up their weekend once a month to turn up in all weathers to make sure that the 120 or so participants get to enjoy the thrill of competing in a road racing event, hopefully safely and in one piece!

I’m sure that over the course of the season I’ll be soaked to the skin, suffer heatstroke (usually during the August weekend when we hit 100F! I never learn!), have to make some tough decisions, piss people off, give and receive a gazillion hugs, laugh till I just about wet myself, get in someones face and yell at them and be yelled at myself, have to assert my authority at least once, yank some poor drivers chain (there’s always a chosen one each year. He who will be the butt of all jokes!) and confer with the officials and stewards.

Unlike other tracks in the Mid West, ours is a private club, although we’re very happy to accept race entries from the other affiliated tracks. This means that for most of our races we see the same people each weekend, and no it’s not boring to be faced with the same cars and drivers each time, they become great friends. We share their ups and downs, their triumphs and happiness; we get to know their crew and families and we celebrate when new additions arrive. Often their parents come to see them racing, or their family with small children we can hug and play with during lunch break or after we’re done for the day. We watch their races and cheer them on and commiserate with them when something goes wrong. For at least four of the race weekends the club holds a bbq on the Saturday evening and everyone gathers round, eating, drinking, setting up a baseball game for the children, bench racing and generally having a really great and fun evening. We have a free campsite with electrical hookup too and A and I love to pack up our little tent and “head to the Hills” for the weekend. These people are my “7 month friends”, friends who I only see during the racing season but who are great friends none the less. We won’t be camping this weekend, partly due to the weather but mainly because there are so many things to catch up on at home after our trip, so Saturday morning for me is going to be one big round of hugs and kisses as old relationships are rekindled, winter “off” time is commented on and new, rookie drivers are introduced for their first real race weekend after Drivers School.

The forecast for this weekend isn’t great (but we do need the rain):

So I can imagine some races are going to be looking like this:

I hope there are lots of close, exciting races to watch:

I’m hoping the regulars all remember their way around:

And which way is up:

With a bit of luck their brakes will be in good working order:

Maybe Jiffy will have some new hats this year

And hopefully we won’t have too much of this to cope with:

We might even have some new volunteers to train up:

And with a bit of luck there’ll be plenty of novice drivers receiving the traditional Waterford Hills first win water bath during the year:

And maybe the odd car we can pimp out after the driver has left for the day (I did the flowers!):

And lots of smiling, happy faces to lift our day:

The local wildlife will have to get used to their peace and quiet being shattered again:

But I do know one thing for sure, when I’m staring down the False Grid at a view like this:

getting ready to give the final signal to clear all crew and to turn control over to us, the Grid Goddesses, to get the race underway…. there’s no better feeling in the entire world!

Roll on 10am Saturday morning, I’ll be in my own version of heaven.