The lovely Claire at Serendipity Loves New York tagged me today, and I’m so excited to be tagged for the first time that I’ve sat down to write it up immediately!!

What Was I Doing 10 years Ago
10 years ago my lovely hubby and I were making a major decision in life, to buy a house, and not just buy it, but work with a builder and build our own!  We chose a small sub division where the land was already set out in plots with a house type specified for each one and then we customised it to our tastes.  Anything that was too expensive at the time, we put on our wish list for later and have done most of those things ourselves over the last 10 years.  We broke ground in August of 1998 and moved in in February of 1999.  I can’t believe it’s been 10 years!

5 Things On My To Do List

  • Finish planting up my flowering pots and tubs for the summer.
  • Get some more vegetable seeds in the ground otherwise we’ll have no tasty, fresh veg this summer.
  • Clean out the inside of my car, it’s filthy and hasn’t been done all year!  There are still pine needles in the boot from when we picked up the Christmas tree last November!!
  • Tidy up all of my crafting supplies and buy some kind of storage to put it all in instead of scattering it all over the spare bedroom.
  • Get back into exercising again.  I very easily put on a few pounds when I stop the exercise….. and I stopped the exercise about 3 months ago!

5 Snacks I Enjoy

  • Crisps.  In fact I’ll kill for anything remotely to do with the humble potato!
  • Home made guacamole and Garden of Eatin’ Organic Corn Chips
  • Hummus spread on Akmak Sesame Seed Crackers topped with slices of cucumber
  • Pesto for dipping.  Nothing screams summer to me more than fresh basil.  I bought my hubby a little book all about different Pesto’s for Christmas a couple of years ago.  Since then he’s perfected the perfect pesto!  I could eat gallons of it given half a chance!
  • Cherry tomatoes, so sweet and juicy, I have some every day when they’re in season, they’re also the only type I grow in my garden.

Things I Would Do If I Were A Millionaire
I think the usual….. take care of my family.  Move to a different house with a little bit of land (max 5 acres) so I could extend our gardens, grow more produce and keep chickens and ducks etc.

Travel, there are so many beautiful places to see in this world, so many new things to experience.  I think I’d plan a major trip of a month or two every couple of years.

Replace both of our cars as they’re getting a bit long in the tooth now.  I’m not high maintenance and I’m quite a “cheap date” so I don’t need anything flash or extravagant even if I could afford it.  I might, just might, be tempted by a Lotus Elise though!

Be philanthropic, but on my own terms.  Like many of you, I don’t believe large charities and organisations are necessarily the way to go, too many overheads to gobble up the funds.  I think I’d prefer to make a difference on a more local and personal level to make peoples lives better, rather than giving a big chunk of change to some faceless black hole.

Obviously if I did have that much money in the bank, I wouldn’t have to work a normal 9 – 5 day so I’d have a lot more time on my hands.  I think I’d do some volunteer work, and again, it would be on a local basis.

Places I’ve Lived
Durham, born and bred.  Lived there until I was 10
Milton Keynes, specifically Bletchley, Wolverton and New Bradwell
Newport Pagnell where we bought our first house and because we both worked for Aston Martin (eat your heat out Claire!!!)
Michigan, USA…. Dearborn, Westland, Northville and Novi since July of 1994, all cities in the Detroit suburbs, again, because of the motor industry

Now the hard part…. who to tag!  Please don’t feel obliged to take part!

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