I’m sorry, I really am. This post was going to be the first post about my trip home to England I took in April. Over the past week I’ve selected and formatted the pictures I was going to show you of our first three stops in the UK which were West Sussex, Dorset/Somerset and Cumbria, and I’m going to show them to you in that order too… only I forgot to upload the pics for West Sussex. And as we started the holiday there I don’t want to get all out of sync. So I felt a bit deflated when I realised what I’d done, and I can’t rectify it yet as I’m at work and posting in my lunch break and the photos are on my laptop at home. So for now, more bloody photos of flowers!!! Sorry.

I think you all know by now that I love Aquilegias, I’ve already made at least one post this year dedicated to this plant, but we have so many of them in our garden now I wanted to show you the amazing variety of colour and form they can be grown in. Most of these are self seeds and they seem quite happy to inter-breed each year so I’m never too sure about what it is I’m going to get each Spring. Below are some samples of a few of the ones in flower right now.

These ones turned up last Spring and from what I can gather they’re much closer in form, colour and growing habit to the wild ones I’ve seen in both Michigan and Canada at this time of year.

This fella is one of the three that I actually bought. I love the delicate colours and it’s not as showy as some of the others, putting out only two or three flowers each Spring.

Pretty in pink.

Still pink but very frilly this time. The petals are more like little skirts there’s so many layers of them.

Variations on a theme…. all the same type of flower, just different colours. Sorry about the blurred blue shot, it was the best I could get with the rapidly setting sun and I didn’t want to use the flash.

Eye-poppin’, jaw-droppin’, traffic-stoppin’ colour!!