So finally, over a month after we returned from the homeland, here are the first set of photos from our trip home to England.

Our first port of call was to an area of the country we’ve never visited before, West Sussex. My sister, brother in law and my nephew moved here from Buckinghamshire last November to take over an existing business, I wrote about it here and here. I booked us 3 nights in a nice guest house in Burgess Hill and poked about in the internet for things to do, it looked absolutely beautiful, the South Downs, the windmills, pretty towns and villages and a National Trust property that has been on my “must see” list for a number of years, Standen, there are a couple of photos below, but I might make another post on the subject at some point. I’d also looked up some “8 year old friendly activities” as I assumed we’d be taking N with us all day on Saturday and had settled on a trip on The Bluebell Railway, a fully restored and working, 17 mile, full gauge, steam railway. I also desperately wanted to visit Nymans Gardens, one of the most outstanding gardens in the South of England, but it snowed on the Sunday morning and as the UK isn’t used to that no-one wanted to travel so we took the train into Brighton instead! My overall impressions of the area were that it’s very pretty with lots to do but it’s staggeringly busy, I just couldn’t believe the traffic, even the very small, pretty villages on back roads had traffic calming schemes in place! I was flabbergasted. A nice place to visit but I wouldn’t want to live there!

[Standen House]

[Hiking along the South Downs Way above Hassocks with N, who loves to go for walks]

[The Bluebell Steam Railway. N was a little apprehensive at first!]

[Sunday morning snow in Burgess Hill, it was just starting at this point, we ended up with about 3″]