Last Saturday we spent the evening in a local, independent coffee shop called Solid Grounds, a couple of miles down the road from us in the old Victorian town of Northville.  The coffee shop is newly opened and to help them get their name out and drum up business they have live music most Saturday nights up until about 9pm.  The reason we dropped in to see what was going on was because a friend that A used to work with was onstage with his fellow bandmates, who collectively make up Crashing Cairo.

The band are a full on, modern rock band and this was a new (and successful) venture for them as they were basically “unplugged” and acoustic.  It worked out really well, I’ve heard their stuff on their website before and it’s pretty darn good, but the acoustic setting suited them perfectly.  The melodies of the music came through so much more and Rob was able to change it up a little with regard to his vocal range.  We throughly enjoyed it, as did the patrons of the coffee shop.  Earlier we’d had an informal BBQ at our house for a couple of friends who then accompanied us to the show.  We all remarked that in this unplugged way how they reminded us a bit of U2 and Coldplay, only perhaps more rockier.

The show also gave us an opportunity to catch up with some other old friends from where A used to work who came out to support the band and I met a really interesting lady who moved to America from Romania 18 years ago.  Her husband is one of the (many) people A used to work with (a really big American auto manufacturer) that I’d never met before and we all had a really good chat for over an hour after the show had finished.

Later, A and I walked back home past the beautiful old Victorian homes with lightening piercing the sky and thunder rumbling menacingly around, thankfully it didn’t come to anything until much later.