I forgot to mention about this at the time, but while I was at home, I was presented with a rather large bag of goodies from my lovely mum.  Most weekends she has a wander around the shops in the local towns close to her in Somerset, and over the weeks she’d been picking up bits and pieces for card making.  She’d accumulated quite a stash for me, have a look at this lot!!

[The first two photos are mainly of Christmas bits and bobs]

[Lovely gold corner accents and butterfly stickers.  The butterfly stickers can be “inked in” with brush pens to give a stunning effect]

[Embellishments, ribbon etc]

[Card making kits]

[Essentials, including blank cards and envelopes]

[And finally, lots of lovely paper and card stock]

How lucky am I??  Or course, cramming it all in the suitcase was another matter entirely!!!