Fancy a stroll? We had a trek round the front and side gardens a few weeks ago, so now we’ll take ourselves on a walk around the back and see what we can see.

Behind the deck is a narrow path which runs the length of the deck, around a large pine tree (you have to duck a bit!) and come out on the other side, onto the lawn.

[From either side of the deck path]

[Peeking through the pine tree]

[Love the colour of this Berberis]

[Looking the other way from under the pine tree]

[Against the house, directly under the kitchen window is this Hosta and Clematis border]

[On the deck the Hibiscus is starting to flower]

[Turning to the left, and standing on the deck steps, this is the view across the back garden, the pine tree is to the left and the hosts/clematis border is on the right.  The alien looking thing in the middle of the pic is a bird feeder!]