As soon as I saw her I knew she was coming home with me! By hook or by crook Tess was going in my, already overburdened, suitcase. A just shook his head in disgust and left me to choose and pay for her. Like her parents, siblings, cousins and friends, she’s hand carved in Indonesia from bamboo root and recycled teak wood, remnants from the furniture industry which would otherwise just be wasted, and I’m sure a hefty profit is being made somewhere along the line. But I have to hold my hand out to whoever came up with this concept, it’s been quite the marketing coup and has been picked up by The National Trust among others. Tess came from the NT gift shop at Wicken Fen while we were in Cambridge back in April. The company has both a British and an American website, and they’re also called DCUK, a rather nifty play on words in my opinion! You can name you own dcuk if you wish, or request a special name tag to be made for you. I might have to find out where my nearest stockist will be. After all, we don’t want Tess getting lonely now do we??

Since arriving in the US she took no time at all to settle down, she’d been a bit worried by the possibility of the Immigration nasties finding her in my case and deporting her, but I told her not to worry as we would be dealing with the lovely, kind folks in Baltimore and not the crazy, trumped up, ideas way above their station people we have to deal with in Detroit. She also likes exploring her new home, I find her in all manner of funny and sometimes, strange places. She has even manged to clamber the stairs to my bedroom and has pecked me on the cheek more than once in the morning to get me to wake up! Although I think she has a little help in the exploration department.

But have a good, long look….. and then try telling me she’s not cute!!