Pleath excuth my typing thith morning….. I was at the dentitht last night. Don’t you just love the happy drugs? I love happy drugs. I love the way they finally wear off at about 2am and leave you with a pounding head and the feeling that you’ve been beaten about the head with a baseball bat! Lol.

I have three old mercury fillings that are breaking down and that’s a really bad thing. Mercury is a heavy metal, mercury is toxic, and old bad fillings that aren’t taken care of bleed mercury into your mouth, which you then swallow. Eventually these little toxic deposits of dental love lodge themselves in your brain, they can cause a build up of heavy metals, and these heavy metals have been linked with Alzheimers in later life. What I can’t believe, knowing how bad this stuff is for you, is how many dentists still use heavy metals for fillings!! Isn’t it crazy?? We had to search for a while for a dentist who doesn’t use mercury any more, and fully understands the necessity of using a dental dam to block up your mouth as he’s working, so the little bits of filling being removed don’t end up floating around in your bloodstream. It would rather defeat the purpose of removing the filling in the first place! I have one more to go, and while I’m on a roll I’m getting them all taken care of at once, so Monday (11 Aug) I’ll be back in the dreaded chair having the final one removed.

Before that though, the weekend is stretching ahead of us, and we already have our days planned out. Saturday we’ll be at Thunder Over Michigan, the annual airshow at Willow Run Airport (home of The Yankee Air Museum) that we like to attend every year. Sunday will be a more relaxing day, we plan to kayak in the morning at the park and then just chill out in the afternoon, take it as it comes.

Whatever your plans are I hope you have a lovely and relaxing weekend. And please spare a thought for my pal Claire, she’s moving into her new pad this weekend with her family. Moving is stressful at the best of times, fingers crossed it will go smoothly for them.