Today is my brothers birthday, he’ll be 47 years young. Like all brothers he can be a trial at times! I still remember, quite vividly, the night my parents went out and we all played Hide and Seek in the house. My brother put me in a great hiding place……. inside the warm airing cupboard on top of all the spare sheets and blankets….. and forget to let me out again! It was so warm and cosy in there that I fell asleep. When my folks returned they turned the house upside down looking for me!! I was 4 at the time!

From an early age my brother had a passion for machinery, old cars, old bikes etc. He’s owned a number of “classic” cars and motorbikes over the year, his current collection consists of three bikes; a road/touring bike that gets a lot of use through Europe, a lovely old BSA that he takes to classic bike events (including towing it all the way to Germany once!) and a rare, old trials bike that he’s busy restoring.

We get together whenever we can, we share very similar tastes him and me…. we both love hiking and hill walking, we love going to car/bikes/air shows, we like a good night out with friends at a nice pub, we like going to race tracks, visiting car museums, hanging out in cafes, traveling…. the list goes on. He’s a very happy kind of person and likes to enjoy his life with his partner and their friends, it’s hard to get him on the phone at times as he’s always out doing something!

For his card I came across a superb photo site on the web that specialises in really arty shots of old cars, a lot of the photos are of the hood ornaments, or a close up three quarter view, you rarely see the whole car. It was the quality of the photos that drew me in, and as soon as I saw the lovely old Bugatti Type 38, I knew I had to use it. The card is 5″x7″ and first I printed the photo at a 25% transparency, slightly smaller than the card and mounted it in the center. I then printed a much smaller version of the pic in full colour and mounted it to a strip of blue card. I’d already ran the strip though the printer for the Happy Birthday sentiment, and to finish it off, I added three silver brads and then mounted the strip on foam pads. It’s much harder making a card for a man so I’m happy how it turned out. Hopefully he’ll appreciate it!