I was too hot. We’re on the tail end of another 86F day here and after lunch I didn’t want to be outside any more because I was just too hot! So I did the sensible thing, stayed indoors…….. and baked! Obviously I wasn’t quite as warm as I thought I was, because I’ve just spent the last 3 or so hours slaving over a hot stove! But it was worth it.

We started our day with a leisurely paddle at the lake, it was already 70F at 8:30, and despite it being the first day of a three day weekend, we practically had the lake to ourselves. I was very surprised, even two and a half hours later when we left the lake was still pretty much empty. We got a coffee and then did some food shopping on he way home, and it was partly because of that food shopping excursion that I spent my afternoon cooking. Michigan is a bit of market garden State, we have long, hot summers and good soil, and about now is when the produce starts hitting the shops. The cucumbers, squash and tomatoes have been in for quite a while; the apples are just gearing up and will run right the way through October, and last week the cauliflowers hit the shops. And not just any cauli’s, these things are giants, but they taste so good that I soon as I saw they were still available (we had one last week too) I had to have it. A just rolled his eyes! Last week we had cauliflower cheese, we had it stir fried, we had it raw in salad and we had it plain, as a side dish to our main meals. I think we had it every day! I told him I would come up with something different.

Here, it is, before I cut into it…. all 7 1/2lbs of it!!

But first on the agenda, what I’d been planning to make as a little afternoon treat, were Maple Glazed Scones. Mmm, mmm good! They ought to be too, chopped pecans, organic cream, organic butter and organic maple syrup! Diet scones obviously….. not! The glaze was more cream, more maple syrup and icing sugar and boy was it finger lickin’ good.

They were quite unlike a British scone, very short, a little crumbly but not at all dry. I think they could have also done with a little vanilla in the main mix, but the texture was wonderful. The glaze was sublime though, very creamy and mapley. We said we’d be good, we said we’d share one, which we did, trouble was, one just wasn’t enough so we shared another one!

But on to the cauli…. we both love Indian food, I personally can’t wait until the cooler weather kicks in and I can start having warmer, heartier food again, especially Indian food. We cook it all from scratch, all by ourselves, A even roasts and grinds his own spices and makes ghee (clarified butter) too. So I had a hankering for Indian, cauli on the counter top and some potatoes in the drawer….. Aloo Gobi come to Mama! Three guesses what I’m having for dinner tonight???

Well, that used about half the cauli, so next up was Cauliflower and Cheese soup, here it is all in the pot, well minus the cheese as that goes in afterwards. 25 minutes later, when the veggies are all soft you just puree it all, return it to the pan and add the cheese. Maybe a small bowl before dinner? Maybe I shouldn’t have had that second piece of scone, maybe I should get my arse on my bike tomorrow!!

Then again, maybe I should just do some more cooking!