At the end of this post I had alluded to a little project I’d been working on, it’s nothing clever or fancy, it’s not even home made! Basically it’s a recipe holder for all those bits and pieces of hand written recipes and snippets from magazines we all seem to collect over the years. We all have these bits of paper floating around the kitchen don’t we? I keep them all, whether I think I’ll ever make them or not! Can’t bear to throw one out, just in case. I’ve even been guilty of surreptitiously ripping a page from a ladies magazine while sitting waiting at the hairdressers! And if you think that’s bad, how about this? A couple of years ago we went to a holiday cottage in Tobermory in Canada for a week, and the cottage owners had made available some really nice, up to date magazines, perhaps to while a way the odd rainy day….. one of which was a really good Foodie magazine, and I was hooked, I read it from cover to cover, salivating with delight at each of the recipes contained within. On the last day of our holiday, while packing up, I was overtaken by a mad urge to steal said Foodie magazine, and before cold reason and logic could talk me out of it, I stuffed it in my suitcase!! Oh, how I hang my head in shame at the very thought of nicking it. But nick it I did, and I never expected to be telling the world about it two years later!! Still, in order to ease my guilty conscience, I have endeavoured to make a few things from it at least, and not let it sit on the shelf gathering dust, taunting me every time I walk by it!

Anyway, I used to keep my bits and pieces in a tiny, little binder but it was useless, every time I pulled it off the shelf the papers would fall out the bottom and scatter all over the floor! I supposed it would have helped had I actually punched holes in the paper and used the binder as it was intended, but no, I was too lazy for that!!  I eventually got tired of picking them up all the time at stuffing them back in, usually in any old order, all folded over and creased up, so it was out to the office supply shop I went to find a nice looking, three ring binder. There wasn’t anything really twee or cute, this was an office supply shop after all and they were more interested in attracting the teenage Back To School crowd with funky colours and crazy gadgets that I know I would have loved at age 15 too. So I gave in to my inner teenager and came back armed with a suitable (funky) binder and a few page dividers and set to over the course of the next few weeks to type up the collection of recipes. Most of them are done now so at the weekend I proudly punched them and popped them into the binder, arranged in categories like Soups and Starters, Vegetable Dishes, Main Meals, Desserts etc. As I collect more recipes I will attempt to get them typed up and put in the binder for safe keeping every now and again….. note I didn’t give myself a time limit here, every now and again will work just fine!

So here’s my binder, in all it’s teenage, funky glory, complete with page dividers which are just as funky. I need to write the categories on some little stickers and put on the tabs of the dividers, but that’s just a little job which will likely take two years to complete! You know how it goes!!

I had a really hard time focusing the camera on some of the recipes, especially the ones that I wanted to show full page, so I apologise in advance for the next couple of blurry shots!

[Yummy! A great winter warmer, and so quick to make]

[Oh potatoes, let me count the ways in which I love thee! It’s a standing joke in my house that if they’re on the menu you better watch out. And woe betide the person brave enough to snatch the last one out from under my nose, let’s just say that their life expectancy will suffer as a direct result of their actions!]

[A little hard to read, but one of our summer time favourites “Fresh Basil & Cherry Tomato Quiche”. I made this on Monday, scrumpt-a-licious.]

[What a wonderful dessert for Autumn when the pears and apples are in season, and it’s not a traditional tart made with pastry either, it’s got a spongey type of base to it]

[Ha! A teaser for Clairey (aren’t I wicked!!). I made these last Saturday, they didn’t last long! There’s a photo in the last post if you’d like to drool over them!]

[And finally, just to show what a well rounded couple of cooks we are, here’s our favourite Chutney recipe, passed on from A’s Nana a few years ago. We make a small batch almost every year, it’s great with cheese sarnies.]

So there you have it, my very own Retro Recipe Binder. It must have been all of that recipe typing and the baking and cooking marathon I did over the last weekend, but I’ve got yet another food/recipe inspired post for you in the near future, so stay tuned for that. No one ever said this was a low fat blog!! Dieters beware!