Today, October 4th, has been designated World Card Making Day!  By whom, I have no idea, but I liked the thought of folks the world over sitting down and making something.  So I thought I’d show you my own efforts for this day, my sister’s up coming birthday card.  She doesn’t read this blog so I’m not concerned about posting it here and spoiling the surprise.

She’s older than I am by 4 1/2 years, so through most of  our adult life our cards to each other have usually made reference, in a jokey way, to the fact that no matter what happens in life, I’ll always be younger than her!  She takes it all in good humour and has sent me some cracking cards in return, so let’s hope she’s still in good humour when she receives this one!

As you can see, we’re going with a doggy theme here, I thought it was appropriate, dog years being about 10 times human years!  I had initially printed out the numbers and words in a stencilled type of open font and then carefully cut them out with a scalpel, but no matter how careful I was it looked pretty crap to be honest, so I reverted to just printing them and then using shaped scissors to cut them out, they’re stuck on with sticky pads.  The uber cute little doggy is actually just a free Dingbats font I downloaded from the net, and I punched him out using my circle punch to give a neat finish.  I had planned on tying a bow or a knot or something with the string, but it was too stiff so I had to leave it just threaded through the eyelets.  The bottom third of the card is made up of glitter paper and sticky backed ribbon.  I really like how versatile you can get with the computer, I’m always looking out for free fonts and other items.  My stamp collection isn’t very large at all, so using the computer in this manner gives me so many more options.

And finally, this is what happens when you’re super busy and ask your lovely, kind hubby to take a couple of photos of the new card for you while he had the camera out for something else!  Looks like someone else wanted to muscle in on the act too!!

Happy World Card Making Day everyone.  Get out there and make thee a card!