Just a quick post during my lunch break at work…. all 10 minutes of it!  But I just had to tell you about our weekend plans as I’m all psyched up about them!  It looks like a stunning one weather wise, a last hurrah for summer with 73F on Saturday and 79F on Sunday, so the plans are to get up early Saturday and head to the lake with the kayaks as there are truly not going to be many more opportunities to get out on the water before the weather turns.

Next up is to head up to the race track for our final weekend of fun.  We’ve actually finished our regular season of races, it was all done and dusted at the end of September, points were assessed, trophies were won and lost and emotions were running high, which is why I didn’t post about it.  I’m afraid I’m one of the ones with the emotions running high as I’m very aware that we’re pretty much done for the year and will have to wait until next April for more racing action.  I’m also very aware that I won’t be seeing the majority of the folks I hang out with there for another six months, and for some, I won’t be seeing them ever again as their life priorities change and they decide they won’t be racing next year.  It’s very bittersweet, as the racing is excellent, some trophy winners go down to the wire, but there is an air of melancholy beneath it all.  It affects us in different ways, I feel it very strongly for some reason.  Photos from that last weekend can be viewed here, I’m really sorry I don’t have time to add a couple to this post, but there are some interesting ones there so be sure to have a look!

But, back to the weekend.  This is our day, the volunteers…. the day we get to drive the race cars!!  We get to have the fun, experience the thrill of driving and the shame of ending up in the grass!  It’s very controlled with only one car allowed out at a time, and each car HAS to come back in after 1 lap and rejoin the queue to go back out again.  That way complete novices don’t end up getting too cocky and driving faster and faster into the turns!  That would be very bad.  There will also be my favourite Corvette turning up, he’s already said he won’t allow us crazy newbies to drive his beautiful car, but he has fitted a passenger seat and seat belts and will be giving us all “rides of a lifetime”.  I’ll be all over that!

To round off the day will be a barbeque, a chilli cook out and a pot luck (bring a dish to pass) kind of thing, and probably a whole lotta bench racing and leg pulling.  We, along with a few others, will also be camping out there for the final time this year, as we also have our final Open Track Day of the season on the Sunday.  I wrote about this type of event last October, it’s when the general public bring their own cars to the track for instruction and gaining experience on a race circuit, some folks have a dedicated track day car, others just use their daily driver.  It’s a very popular thing to do, I also know it’s incredibly popular in England too.  As A will be taking part in one of our old British cars I managed to get myself volunteered as a worker!  I didn’t have a problem with that as the cars don’t get on track until 10am….. but apparently I’ve been volunteered for Registration which starts at 7:30am!!  On a freaking Sunday morning!!  I ask you!  Still, I’m sure it’ll be fun.  It always is.  I need to find a way to bottle it until next April!

Oh!  And remember the giveaway for my blogging anniversay!  Scroll down a post or two to find it and sign yourself up.