Well, what a weekend!  I’m still trying to chisel the grin off my face, a grin that was put there by flying around the racing circuit at 125 miles an hour in a Corvette!  But more on that later.

What I wanted to share with you today was a little bit of good news I received last week when I went to the opticians for my eye check, so, not really very exciting stuff to be honest, but I was chuffed none the less.  It went like this….

My eye test was due, and I had been noticing a difference with my prescription, especially when I was driving.  I’ve worn glasses for 21 years but only for distance work, such as driving or going to the cinema, watching tv etc, don’t need them for close up work at all.  So, I went along and had all of the tests with Dr Kirk, and at the end of it he set the “optical machine” they use with my current prescription and then flicked it over to what I’d chosen for my new prescription….. and the difference was night and day!  It was great, I could read the board again and see all the letters!

So what’s my presciption, I asked?  Well, said the good doc, I’ve been a qualified optician for over 19 years and I’ve only ever seen this one time before, but it’s good, it’s very good.  I think he saw the panicked look on my face!  How long have you been wearing glasses??  21 years, well, you can put them away in a drawer because you don’t need them any more.  You have 20/20 vision again!

Wow!  I was very happy, no more glasses for me!  No wonder I wasn’t comfortable driving any more!  I put it down to two things, I know I mentioned in an earlier post that I believe most ailments are curable, without drugs, if you know what to do and if you have the right support and the confidence to actually do it.  Two things I think have worked for me…. one we have a juice machine, and we juice carrot, clelery and ginger juice almost every day, I’ve had it for breakfast all summer in fact; and the second thing is I’ve been taking a dietry herbal supplement this year from an Australian company called MediHerb.  I started taking it after reading a number of papers about how it was doing quite amazing things for people with sight problems…. quite simply, it’s nothing more than extracted Bilberry (blueberry).  It’s the anthocyanosides contained in bilberries that do it, that’s the pigment that makes the ripe berries very blue in colour, and it’s also been demonstrated to support macular integrity and to support healthy eye structure among other benefits.  You’ll find the reports about it all over the web…. here for example.  I’m a believer.  Are you??

Before I finish I thought I’d share this photo with you.  There is glaucoma in my family, it’s a nasty disease and causes premature blindness, so at my yearly eye checkups, I also have the glaucoma tests done.  A few years ago, the only way to test the pressure on the eyes was to blast a little puff of air into your eyeball, it didn’t hurt, but boy did it make you jump!  Nowadays your pupils are fully dilated with some special eyedrops and the optician can then get a really good look at your eye tissue.  But the problem with having your eyes dilated to such an extent is that it also lets in every available speck of light, normal sunny conditions are absolutely blinding, and just sitting in a normal room with a light on is like someone shining a torch directly into your eyes.  It also takes about 4 – 5 hours to wear off too and for your eyes to return to normal, it feels very strange wearing your sunglasses indoors I can tell you!

So have a look at my eye in this photo, just look at the size of that pupil in relation to the rest of my eye!!!  Scary huh?