Last Saturday, before I lost my mind in a Corvette, we went out to the lake again with our kayaks.  I had considered driving in the Fun Run at the track, but I’ve done that a number of times now, and what was weighing heavily on my mind was the fact that there are always good driving days, no matter what the weather, but sadly, our kayaking days will soon be over, at least for this year anyway.  So with that in mind I made the decision that we’d go to the park and then head up to the track after lunch.

On arrival we found to our delight, that the park was deserted, we couldn’t even see another boat out there, although there were a couple of boat trailers in the car park, which meant somebody was out there already.  We’d set the alarm at ungodly o’clock and we actually were launched and paddling ay 8am, quite a feat really as I’m not known as a morning person.  As can be seen from this picture from when we first arrived, the sun hadn’t even made it completely over the tree tops yet, and yes, it was a little chilly launching!  But it was also like a millpond too, and that is something we don’t encounter very often, so the discomfort of the cold feet was very soon forgotten.

I’m not going to make a long post out of this so I’ll just leave you with a few photos, I don’t think they really need lots of wordy explanations, do you?

[You wouldn’t believe how bright it was on the water, you can see the sun reflecting both on me and the white part of my boat]

[I love leaves…. especially at this time of year!]

[Almost the same shot as the first one, but taken around 11am, immediately before leaving the park]