Despite the 3 million people who live in Metro Detroit, this area is still surprisingly rural, just a mile or two outside the conurbation you’ll find almost nothing but open vistas, rolling fields, beautiful old homesteads with wrap around porches and white picket fences, small market towns and villages and endless skies.

Michigan has always been a place of great harvest and abundant produce.  This state is one of the foremost cherry producing regions in the world; we’re also renowned for our soft fruit, especially blueberries; apples, sweetcorn, squash and pumpkins.  And nothing screams fall in this area louder than pumpkin patches, fresh pressed apple cider and hayrides.

We’re lucky enough to have a cider mill within walking distance of our house, but our favourite is a place called Three Cedars Farm, about 4 miles from us.  I actually drive right past it twice a day on my way to and from work, and I love to see how it changes with the seasons, I absolutely adore the farmhouse with it’s large porch, gingerbread moldings, the little green window shutters and of course, the obligatory white picket fence.  It’s beautiful during all seasons of the year, but it really comes into it’s own during fall and winter.

We popped in two Sundays ago for some cider, cinnamon doughnuts and a nosey around the Country Store and pumpkin patch; and being the good blogger I am, I took one or two photos for you all!!

[Photos of the front entrance to the property]

[This stunning old wooden barn houses the general store on the ground floor and a wonderful, open space on the second floor which can be hired out for events, as well as hosting their own barn dances from time to time.  There was a 40th birthday in progress so I couldn’t go up there this time.]

[I really have an affinity for the American Folk Art style of decor, I love the naturalness of it, the tin, the re-purposing of old discarded items and the wonderful primary colour pallette.]

[We ate our doughnuts and cider sitting in this lovely sun trap]

[Just inside the entrance to the General Store]

[I love these old stars, you see a lot of them still hanging on barns in this area, I really must find out their significance]

[There are sweet little vignettes every where you look, a lot of thought and preparation goes into this place every year, it really is immaculate]

This little lot is only half of the photos I have to show you!  So as not to overwhelm everyone, I’ll make another post later this week with the second set of pictures.  Oh, and that link to the farm in the first parpagraph…. make sure you visit their website and look at the Christmas tab.  I dare you to tell me that you don’t want to live in this house, I know I do!  And the video of their fall activities is a scream, I’ve been in Michigan over 14 years and I’ve NEVER heard anyone speak the way the old boy narrating does!!  Check it out!!