Tomorrow is the birthday of my mother in law.  That’s right…. Halloween!!!  However, she doesn’t deserve a birthday on that day as she’s the most un-witchy MIL I’ve ever come across!  I even like her.  Very much!!

One of the great loves of her life are crunchy Autumn leaves, infact, she loves nothing better than piles of freshly fallen leaves that she can walk through and kick about all over the place!  Very unbecoming of a 74 year old, but at the same time, it’s great fun to watch her behave like a child again, she really does adore it.  Often, when we still lived in England we’d go for walks through Cambridge when we visited my in-laws for a weekend, and depending on where the leaves were that’s where Shirley would walk…. if the leaves were on the college lawns she would completey ignore the “Keep off the Grass” signs and would go ploughing right through them, or later in the season when all the leaves had collected in the gutter by the side of the road, we’d be walking on the pavement and my MIL would be walking in the gutter kicking the leaves absolutely everywhere!  Nothing makes her more upset at this time of year than soggy wet leaves!  “Most disappointing” she will say.

So to honour this wonderful lady and her love of Autumn leaves I made her this card for her birthday tomorrow.  As you can see, it’s a leaf card in Autumn colours.  I stamped all the different leaves on the front with different types of ink and with different techniques.  I then heat embossed the main stamp with bronze embossing powder, cut it out and mounted it on various colours of Autumnal card.  Inside it reads ” We hope you have a wonderful day filled with lots of crunchy leaves.”  I had fun making this one, I know she’ll like it.