Been a bit quiet for a few days at this end of the world due to the almighty, stinking cold I seemed to have contracted.  I definitely felt a bit off last week, by Wednesday I knew I was probably heading for a cold due to the chestiness and the sore throat I had, by Friday I could hardly get out of bed I was so dizzy and was hanging onto anything that was tied down as the walls were shifting in and out everywhere I looked!  I gave up, went back to bed and had A phone into work for me, just contemplating getting in a car and driving anywhere was making me feel more than a little sick, I’m sure I would have been quite a danger on the road.

I spent my sneezy weekend sipping a hot lemon and honey concoction and making my Christmas cards.  Let’s hope all I manage to spread is good cheer to all!!

The whole of Metro Detroit is also a little under the weather this morning too, we had our first icy snow fall last night, and as usual, everyone panics at the first sight of snow each winter and acts like they don’t know how to drive.  According to the radio there were a lot of accidents and spin outs, one of which had one of the major freeways closed for a while this morning.  They better get used to it, methinks it’s going to be here for a while.